MySQL HeatWave on AWS  /  Inbound Replication  /  Source Configuration

7.2 Source Configuration

To use inbound replication in MySQL HeatWave on AWS, the source and its network connection to the replica DB System must have the following configurations.

  • The network must be configured to permit replication traffic between the DB System replica and the source server.
  • The minimum supported version of MySQL for a replication source is 5.7.9.
  • The source cannot be running a higher version of MySQL than the DB System. The replica must be running the same version as, or a higher version of MySQL than, the source.
  • If you intend to encrypt the communication between source and replica, the source must be configured to use SSL. See Server-side Configuration for Encrypted Connections.
  • The source and the DB System must run with the same lower_case_table_names system variable value. See System Initialization Variables
  • The source must have binary logging enabled, with the system variable log_bin=ON.
  • The source must use row-based binary logging, with the system variable binlog_format=ROW.
  • For GTID-based replication only: The source must use GTIDs, with the system variables gtid_mode=ON and enforce_gtid_consistency=ON.
  • The replication user must be present on the source server with the required privileges. See Creating a Replication User On a Source Server.