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7.7 Limitations

Inbound replication in MySQL HeatWave on AWS does not support some of the configurations that are possible for MySQL replication.

  • Only row-based replication is supported. This binary log format is the default in MySQL 5.7 and 8.0. Statement-based replication and mixed replication are not supported.
  • Only asynchronous replication is supported. Semi-synchronous replication is not supported.
  • Only replication from a single source is supported. Multi-source replication is not supported.
  • Changes to the mysql schema are not replicated and cause replication to stop.
  • Using a root@localhost or administrator user in the DEFINER clause of CREATE PROCEDURE and CREATE FUNCTION statements is not supported. Instead, create a dedicated user with the privileges required to run the statements, and then edit the statements with the dedicated user in the DEFINER clause.