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Oracle provides on AWS sample databases for you to test out MySQL HeatWave on AWS. Use the Import sample data feature in MySQL HeatWave Console to import the sample database into a DB System in any region by just a few clicks.
Currently, the following sample databases are available from Oracle.

This task requires the following:

Follow these steps to import the sample database:

  1. In the MySQL HeatWave Console, click the Workspaces tab, and then click the Data Imports tab.
  2. Click Import Data.
  3. In the Import data into DB System pane, under Source, select Import sample data. A list of sample databases appear, together with information for each of them like the name of the destination schema and the size.
  4. Select a sample database. You might have to make additional selections, depending on the sample database you choose.
  5. Click the Import button. The data import operation begins.
The Data Imports tab is shown, on which you can view details on your import operation.