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6.2.2 Bulk Ingest Feature

Use the bulk ingest feature to import text files in bulk from an Amazon S3 bucket to a DB System in MySQL HeatWave on AWS in the same region. Bulk import is ideal for importing large tables.

This task requires the following:

  • Access to AWS Management Console.
  • Access to MySQL HeatWave Console.
  • A client that is connected to the DB system. See Connecting to a DB System.

Do the following to bulk ingest data to a DB System:

  1. Create an IAM policy to access the Amazon S3 bucket. See Creating an IAM Policy to Access an Amazon S3 Bucket.
  2. Create an IAM role that grants the DB System access to read data from the desired Amazon S3 bucket. See Creating an IAM Role to Access an Amazon S3 Bucket.
  3. (Optional) If a MySQL user (and not a DB System administrator) is importing data using the bulk ingest feature, grant the LOAD_FROM_S3 privilege. See Granting Privileges to Bulk Ingest Data From Amazon S3.
  4. Create a new DB System or edit an existing DB System, and enter the data import role ARN details. See Creating a DB System and Editing a DB System.
  5. Bulk ingest data from an Amazon S3 bucket. See Importing Data Using the Bulk Ingest Feature.