2 Introduction

The airportdb database is a large data set intended for use with MySQL DB Systems on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and HeatWave. The database is approximately 2GB in size and consists of 14 tables containing a total of 55,983,205 records.

Table 1 airportdb Tables

Table Name Rows
booking 50831531
flight 416429
flight_log 0
airport 9939
airport_reachable 0
airport_geo 9854
airline 113
flightschedule 9851
airplane 5583
airplane_type 342
employee 1000
passenger 36346
passengerdetails 37785
weatherdata 4626432

The airportdb data files were produced using the MySQL Shell Schema Dump Utility.

Data files produced by the MySQL Shell Schema Dump Utility include DDL files for creating the schema structure, compressed .tsv files that contain the data, and .json metadata files.