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1.5 Identity and Access Management

MySQL HeatWave on AWS integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for identity and access management.

MySQL HeatWave on AWS uses predefined OCI Identity and Access Management (IAM) groups to control access to the MySQL HeatWave Console. For example, predefined group membership determines who can create DB Systems and HeatWave Clusters and who can use them. An Administrator in your organization is responsible for adding users to the appropriate groups. For more information, see User and Group Management.

MySQL HeatWave on AWS also supports federation with third-party Identity Providers (IdPs). See Federating with Identity Providers.

If you are a regular user (not an Administrator) who needs access to MySQL HeatWave on AWS, contact your Administrator to set up an account. An OCI IAM user account is required to access the MySQL HeatWave Console, and that user must be added to one of the predefined OCI IAM groups. For more information, see User and Group Management.

A separate MySQL user account is required to access MySQL HeatWave on AWS from a MySQL client or application. This can be the MySQL Administrator user specified when creating the DB System (see Creating a DB System) or a MySQL user account created on the DB System using CREATE USER . If you are not the MySQL Administrator and you do not have a MySQL user account, have your MySQL Administrator create one for you.