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MySQL HeatWave on AWS
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MySQL HeatWave on AWS  /  Overview  /  Integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

1.3 Integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

MySQL HeatWave on AWS is integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for identity and access management, and for billing and cost management.

When you sign up for MySQL HeatWave on AWS, you are directed to OCI where you must sign up for an Oracle Cloud Account if you do not have one. After signing up, you are directed to the OCI Console to complete the sign-up process. When signing in to the MySQL HeatWave Console, you are seamlessly directed to OCI for authentication and then back to the MySQL HeatWave Console.

Identity & access management and billing for MySQL HeatWave on AWS is managed in OCI. For more information, see Section 13.2, “Billing”.

The following diagram illustrates MySQL HeatWave on AWS integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Figure 1.1 MySQL HeatWave on AWS and OCI Integration

Image showing the high-level architecture of MySQL HeatWave on AWS and integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.