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7.3 Connector/ODBC Error Codes

The following tables lists the error codes returned by Connector/ODBC apart from the server errors.

Table 7.13 Special Error Codes Returned by Connector/ODBC

Native Code SQLSTATE 2 SQLSTATE 3 Error Message
500 01000 01000 General warning
501 01004 01004 String data, right truncated
502 01S02 01S02 Option value changed
503 01S03 01S03 No rows updated/deleted
504 01S04 01S04 More than one row updated/deleted
505 01S06 01S06 Attempt to fetch before the result set returned the first row set
506 07001 07002 SQLBindParameter not used for all parameters
507 07005 07005 Prepared statement not a cursor-specification
508 07009 07009 Invalid descriptor index
509 08002 08002 Connection name in use
510 08003 08003 Connection does not exist
511 24000 24000 Invalid cursor state
512 25000 25000 Invalid transaction state
513 25S01 25S01 Transaction state unknown
514 34000 34000 Invalid cursor name
515 S1000 HY000 General driver defined error
516 S1001 HY001 Memory allocation error
517 S1002 HY002 Invalid column number
518 S1003 HY003 Invalid application buffer type
519 S1004 HY004 Invalid SQL data type
520 S1009 HY009 Invalid use of null pointer
521 S1010 HY010 Function sequence error
522 S1011 HY011 Attribute can not be set now
523 S1012 HY012 Invalid transaction operation code
524 S1013 HY013 Memory management error
525 S1015 HY015 No cursor name available
526 S1024 HY024 Invalid attribute value
527 S1090 HY090 Invalid string or buffer length
528 S1091 HY091 Invalid descriptor field identifier
529 S1092 HY092 Invalid attribute/option identifier
530 S1093 HY093 Invalid parameter number
531 S1095 HY095 Function type out of range
532 S1106 HY106 Fetch type out of range
533 S1117 HY117 Row value out of range
534 S1109 HY109 Invalid cursor position
535 S1C00 HYC00 Optional feature not implemented
0 21S01 21S01 Column count does not match value count
0 23000 23000 Integrity constraint violation
0 42000 42000 Syntax error or access violation
0 42S02 42S02 Base table or view not found
0 42S12 42S12 Index not found
0 42S21 42S21 Column already exists
0 42S22 42S22 Column not found
0 08S01 08S01 Communication link failure

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