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5.8.3 Enabling ODBC Tracing on Unix

To enable the trace option on OS X 10.2 (or earlier) or Unix, add the trace option to the ODBC configuration:

  1. On Unix, explicitly set the Trace option in the ODBC.INI file.

    Set the tracing ON or OFF by using TraceFile and Trace parameters in odbc.ini as shown below:

    TraceFile  = /tmp/odbc.trace
    Trace      = 1

    TraceFile specifies the name and full path of the trace file and Trace is set to ON or OFF. You can also use 1 or YES for ON and 0 or NO for OFF. If you are using ODBCConfig from unixODBC, then follow the instructions for tracing unixODBC calls at HOWTO-ODBCConfig.

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