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4.2.2 Installing Connector/ODBC from a Binary Tarball Distribution

To install the driver from a tarball distribution (.tar.gz file), download the latest version of the driver for your operating system and follow these steps, substituting the appropriate file and directory names based on the package you download (some of the steps below might require superuser privileges):

  1. Extract the archive:

    $> gunzip mysql-connector-odbc-8.4.0-i686-pc-linux.tar.gz
    $> tar xvf mysql-connector-odbc-8.4.0-i686-pc-linux.tar
  2. The extra directory contains two subdirectories, lib and bin. Copy their contents to the proper locations on your system (we use /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib in this example; replace them with the destinations of your choice):

    $> cp bin/* /usr/local/bin
    $> cp lib/* /usr/local/lib

    The last command copies both the Connector/ODBC ANSI and the Unicode drivers from lib into /usr/local/lib; if you do not need both, you can just copy the one you want. See Choosing Unicode or ANSI Driver for details.

  3. Finally, register the driver version of your choice (the ANSI version, the Unicode version, or both) with your system's ODBC manager (for example, iODBC or unixodbc) using the myodbc-installer tool that was included in the package under the bin subdirectory (and is now under the /usr/local/bin directory, if the last step was followed); for example, this registers the Unicode driver with the ODBC manager:

    // Registers the Unicode driver:
    $> myodbc-installer -a -d -n "MySQL ODBC 8.4 Unicode Driver" -t "Driver=/usr/local/lib/"
    // Registers the ANSI driver 
    $> myodbc-installer -a -d -n "MySQL ODBC 8.4 ANSI Driver" -t "Driver=/usr/local/lib/"
  4. Verify that the driver is installed and registered using the ODBC manager, or the myodbc-installer utility:

    $> myodbc-installer -d -l

Next, see Section 5.5, “Configuring a Connector/ODBC DSN on Unix” on how to configure a DSN for Connector/ODBC.