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6.3 Connector/ODBC and Third-Party ODBC Tools

Once you have configured your Connector/ODBC DSN, you can access your MySQL database through any application that supports the ODBC interface, including programming languages and third-party applications. This section contains guides and help on using Connector/ODBC with various ODBC-compatible tools and applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe/Macromedia ColdFusion.

Connector/ODBC has been tested with the following applications:

Publisher Application Notes
Adobe ColdFusion Formerly Macromedia ColdFusion
Borland C++ Builder
Builder 4
Business Objects Crystal Reports
Claris Filemaker Pro
Corel Paradox
Computer Associates Visual Objects Also known as CAVO
AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler
Gupta Team Developer Previously known as Centura Team Developer; Gupta SQL/Windows
Gensym G2-ODBC Bridge
Inline iHTML
Lotus Notes Versions 4.5 and 4.6
Microsoft Access
Visio Enterprise
Visual C++
Visual Basic
ODBC.NET Using C#, Visual Basic, C++
Visual Interdev
Pervasive Software DataJunction
Sambar Technologies Sambar Server
SoftVelocity Clarion
SQLExpress SQLExpress for Xbase++
Sun StarOffice
SunSystems Vision
Sybase PowerBuilder
PowerDesigner Data Architect