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4.1 Installing Connector/ODBC on Windows

Before installing the Connector/ODBC drivers on Windows:

  • Make sure your Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) are up to date. You can obtain the latest version from the Microsoft Data Access and Storage website.

  • For MySQL Connector/ODBC Community: Make sure you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable Package installed on your system. The package is available at the Microsoft Download Center. Use the version of the package that matches the system type of your Connector/ODBC driver: use the 64-bit version (marked by x64 in the package's title and filename) if you are running a 64-bit driver, and use the 32-bit version (marked by x86 in the package's title and filename) if you are running a 32-bit driver.

There are different distribution types to use when installing for Windows. The software that is installed is identical in each case, only the installation method is different.


An OLEDB/ODBC driver for Windows 64-bit is available from Microsoft Downloads.

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