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19.7 X Plugin

This section explains how to configure and monitor the X Plugin. X Plugin implements a network protocol for interacting with MySQL called X Protocol and a Document Store layer. The Document Store enables you to build schema-less applications through SQL or programming interfaces that can be used either as an alternative to SQL, or in combination with SQL, without compromising the ACID compliant storage capabilities of MySQL. When using MySQL as a Document Store, JSON documents can be stored in collections, which can be manipulated using Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) operations. You use the CRUD interface provided by X Plugin through MySQL Shell (see Chapter 18, MySQL Shell User Guide) or through an X DevAPI enabled MySQL connector (see MySQL Connectors). For more information on using X DevAPI see X DevAPI User Guide.

Running X Plugin enables your applications to use the X Protocol to communicate with MySQL. X Protocol is built on the Google Protobuf serialization framework and offers features not available in the classic MySQL protocol, such as pipelining, out-of-band push notifications, expectation blocks and more. For more information on X Protocol see X Protocol. .

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