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MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Performance Schema Connection Attribute Tables

23.9.9 Performance Schema Connection Attribute Tables

The Performance Schema makes these types of connection attributes available:

The set of connection attributes visible on a given connection may vary depending on your platform and Connector used to establish the connection.

The libmysqlclient client library sets these attributes:

  • _client_name: The client name (libmysql for the client library)

  • _client_version: The client library version

  • _os: The operating system (for example, Linux, Win64)

  • _platform: The machine platform (for example, x86_64)

  • _pid: The client process ID

  • _thread: The client thread ID (Windows only)

Other MySQL connectors may define connection attributes:

  • _client_license: The connector license type (Connector/J).

  • _runtime_version: The Java runtime environment (JRE) version (Connector/J).

  • _runtime_vendor: The Java runtime environment (JRE) vendor (Connector/J).

Attribute names that begin with _ are reserved for MySQL itself and should not be used by client applications. This permits new attributes to be introduced by MySQL without colliding with application attributes.

Many MySQL client programs set a program_name attribute with a value equal to the client name. For example, mysqladmin and mysqldump set program_name to mysqladmin and mysqldump, respectively.

Some MySQL clients define additional attributes:

  • mysqlbinlog defines the _client_role attribute as binary_log_listener.

  • Replication slave connections define program_name as mysqld, _client_role as binary_log_listener, and _client_replication_channel_name as the channel name.

  • FEDERATED storage engine connections define program_name as mysqld and _client_role as federated_storage.

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