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17.4.3 Network Partitioning

The group needs to achieve consensus whenever a change that needs to be replicated happens. This is the case for regular transactions but is also required for group membership changes and some internal messaging that keeps the group consistent. Consensus requires a majority of group members to agree on a given decision. When a majority of group members is lost, the group is unable to progress and blocks because it cannot secure majority or quorum.

Quorum may be lost when there are multiple involuntary failures, causing a majority of servers to be removed abruptly from the group. For example in a group of 5 servers, if 3 of them become silent at once, the majority is compromised and thus no quorum can be achieved. In fact, the remaining two are not able to tell if the other 3 servers have crashed or whether a network partition has isolated these 2 alone and therefore the group cannot be reconfigured automatically.

On the other hand, if servers exit the group voluntarily, they instruct the group that it should reconfigure itself. In practice, this means that a server that is leaving tells others that it is going away. This means that other members can reconfigure the group properly, the consistency of the membership is maintained and the majority is recalculated. For example, in the above scenario of 5 servers where 3 leave at once, if the 3 leaving servers warn the group that they are leaving, one by one, then the membership is able to adjust itself from 5 to 2, and at the same time, securing quorum while that happens.


Loss of quorum is by itself a side-effect of bad planning. Plan the group size for the number of expected failures (regardless whether they are consecutive, happen all at once or are sporadic).

The following sections explain what to do if the system partitions in such a way that no quorum is automatically achieved by the servers in the group.

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