MySQL HeatWave on AWS  /  HeatWave AutoML  /  Create a HeatWave AutoML model

10.2 Create a HeatWave AutoML model

Use the MySQL HeatWave Console to create a new HeatWave AutoML model.

Create a HeatWave AutoML model includes an advanced option to choose one or more algorithms. HeatWave AutoML uses the selected algorithms as a pool of algorithms, and will choose the most applicable algorithm from this pool to evaluate the model. By default, all algorithms are selected. To use a single, specific algorithm to evaluate the model, deselect all the other algorithms.

  1. Select the HeatWave AutoML tab in the MySQL HeatWave Console, and then click Connect to MySQL DB System.

  2. Select a DB System from the drop-down menu.

  3. Enter a MySQL user name and password for the DB System.

  4. Click Connect.

  5. Click Create Model

  6. Name: Specify a name for the model or use the generated default name.

  7. Description: Specify a user friendly description for the model.

  8. Training table: Select a training dataset.

  9. Columns to include in the model: Select the Target column, and then choose which columns to Include in model.

  10. Machine learning task: Choose a task.

  11. Advanced:

    • Optimization metric: Choose an optimization metric.

    • Algorithms to evaluate: Choose which algorithms HeatWave AutoML should consider to evaluate the model.

  12. Click Create.

    The MySQL HeatWave Console returns to the HeatWave AutoML page, and shows the new model at the top of the page.