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2.4.1 Console Overview

When you sign in to the MySQL HeatWave Console, you are directed to the Introduction page.

Image showing the MySQL HeatWave Console introduction page

The profile menu on the MySQL HeatWave Console shows the account you are logged in to.

Image showing the profile menu on the MySQL HeatWave Console.

The navigation tabs allow you to navigate the pages of the MySQL HeatWave Console. The MySQL HeatWave Console pages include:

  • Introduction

    This is the landing page where users are directed after signing in. It describes MySQL Database and HeatWave. The Getting Started region of the page provides a Create MySQL DB System button that directs you to the DB Systems tab on the MySQL page and launches the Create MySQL DB System dialog.

  • MySQL

    Displays the MySQL page, where you can create and manage MySQL DB Systems and backups.

  • HeatWave Clusters

    Displays the HeatWave Clusters page, where you can create and manage HeatWave clusters.

  • Workspaces

    Displays the Workspaces page, where you can connect to a DB System, manage HeatWave Cluster data, and run DB System and HeatWave queries using the Query Editor.

  • Performance

    Displays the Performance page, where you can monitor HeatWave and MySQL performance metrics.

Signing Out

To sign out of the MySQL HeatWave Console, open the profile menu and click Sign Out.