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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in JavaScript Mode
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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in JavaScript Mode  /  Working with Collections  /  Basic CRUD Operations on Collections

4.1 Basic CRUD Operations on Collections

Working with collections of documents is straightforward when using X DevAPI. The following example shows the basic usage of CRUD operations (see Section 4.3, “Collection CRUD Function Overview” for more details) when working with documents: After establishing a connection to a MySQL Server instance, a new collection that can hold JSON documents is created and several documents are inserted. Then, a find operation is executed to search for a specific document from the collection. Finally, the collection is dropped again from the database. The example assumes that the test schema exists and that the collection my_collection does not exist.

// Connecting to MySQL Server and working with a Collection

var mysqlx = require('mysqlx');

// Connect to server
var mySession = mysqlx.getSession( {
host: 'localhost', port: 33060,
user: 'user', password: 'password'} );

var myDb = mySession.getSchema('test');

// Create a new collection 'my_collection'
var myColl = myDb.createCollection('my_collection');

// Insert documents
myColl.add({ name: 'Laurie', age: 19 }).execute();
myColl.add({ name: 'Nadya', age: 54 }).execute();
myColl.add({ name: 'Lukas', age: 32 }).execute();

// Find a document
var docs = myColl.find('name like :param1 AND age < :param2').limit(1).

// Print document

// Drop the collection