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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in JavaScript Mode
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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in JavaScript Mode  /  Working with Relational Tables

Chapter 6 Working with Relational Tables

The X DevAPI SQL CRUD functions allow you to work with relational tables in manners similar to using traditional SQL statements. The following code sample shows how to use the add() and select() methods of the X DevAPI SQL CRUD functions, which are similar to running INSERT and SELECT statements on a table with an SQL client. Compare this with the examples found in Section 4.3, “Collection CRUD Function Overview” to see the differences and similarities between the CRUD functions for tables and collections in the X DevAPI.

// Working with Relational Tables
var mysqlx = require('mysqlx');

// Connect to server using a connection URL
var mySession = mysqlx.getSession( {
  host: 'localhost', port: 33060,
  user: 'user', password: 'password'} )

var myDb = mySession.getSchema('test');

// Accessing an existing table
var myTable = myDb.getTable('my_table');

// Insert SQL Table data
myTable.insert(['name', 'birthday', 'age']).
  values('Laurie', mysqlx.dateValue(2000, 5, 27), 19).execute();

// Find a row in the SQL Table
var myResult =['_id', 'name', 'birthday']).
  where('name like :name AND age < :age').
  bind('name', 'L%').bind('age', 30).execute();

// Print result