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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in JavaScript Mode
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9.2 Working with AUTO-INCREMENT Values

AUTO_INCREMENT columns can be used in MySQL for generating primary key or id values, but are not limited to these uses. This section explains how to retrieve AUTO_INCREMENT values when adding rows using X DevAPI. For more background information, see Using AUTO_INCREMENT.

X DevAPI provides the getAutoIncrementValue() method to return the first AUTO_INCREMENT column value that was successfully inserted by the operation, taken from the return value of table.insert(). In the following example it is assumed that the table contains a PRIMARY KEY column for which the AUTO_INCREMENT attribute is set:

res = myTable.insert(['name']).values('Mats').values('Otto').execute();

This table.insert() operation inserted multiple rows. getAutoIncrementValue() returns the AUTO_INCREMENT column value generated for the first inserted row only, so in this example, for the row containing Mats. The reason for this is to make it possible to reproduce easily the same operation against some other server.