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X DevAPI User Guide for MySQL Shell in JavaScript Mode
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3.2 Method Chaining

X DevAPI supports a number of modern practices to make working with CRUD operations easier and to fit naturally into modern development environments. This section explains how to use method chaining instead of working with SQL strings of JSON structures.

The following example shows how method chaining is used instead of an SQL string when working with Session objects. The example assumes that the test schema exists and an employee table exists.

// New method chaining used for executing an SQL SELECT statement
// Recommended way for executing queries
var employees = db.getTable('employee');

var res =['name', 'age']).
        where('name like :param').
        bind('param', 'm%').execute();

// Traditional SQL execution by passing an SQL string
// It should only be used when absolutely necessary
var result = session.sql('SELECT name, age ' +
  'FROM employee ' +
  'WHERE name like ? ' +
  'ORDER BY name').bind('m%').execute();