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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.24 (2008-08-12)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.23.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • In the MySQLGrtShell.exe program the Values tab has been renamed to GRT Tree. However, the GRT Tree tab only shows a root node because there is no GRT Tree loaded when the Shell is started in standalone mode. (Bug #35052)

Bugs Fixed

  • Indexes listed when the Index tab was selected could not be deleted if the index type was FOREIGN. (Bug #38639)

  • When the menu item Model, Validation, Validate all was selected, and an error dialog subsequently displayed, the dialog error message had a missing dot separator between the database name and table name. (Bug #38632)

  • When a DBDesigner 4 model that contained duplicate relationships was imported into Workbench, and then exported, the resulting script failed when executed on MySQL server. (Bug #38488)

  • It was not possible to synchronize a model to an external database, if the model contained triggers. (Bug #38436)

  • When resizing the comment column under Physical Schemata view in column format, the column resize was reverted when switching between schemas. (Bug #38431)

  • An attempt to copy a table and then paste it into a new schema resulted in an Unknown Exception being generated. (Bug #38429)

  • If you created a new view with an OR REPLACE clause, the Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script output contained the OR REPLACE clause twice. (Bug #38337)

  • When a DBDesigner 4 XML file was imported into Workbench the INSERT statements were incorrectly converted. (Bug #38196)

  • Importing a script that specified an incorrect data type required Workbench to close. (Bug #38146)

  • Workbench crashed when using the Model, Validation(MySQL), Validate All menu item on a model that contained a dangling foreign key index. (Bug #38115)

  • Foreign key options (onDelete, onUpdate) are not imported from DBDesigner schema. (Bug #37794)

  • In the mysql-workbench-oss-5.0.23-win32-noinstall version of Workbench the menu item Plugins, Objects, Copy SQL to Clipboard did not work. (Bug #37736)

  • When synchronizing the database, table comments were not updated. However, column comments worked as expected. (Bug #37686)

  • Running Help, Update... crashes Workbench when the wizard comes to the point where it is trying to close Workbench. (Bug #37665)

  • Database, Synchronize did not update the model view when the table was changed in the database, until after Workbench was restarted. (Bug #37634)

  • Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script did not reflect changes made to the model. (Bug #37574)

  • When using the Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script, columns marked as NOT NULL were generated as NOT NULL DEFAULT NULL. (Bug #37385)

  • Errors were generated in SQL code during Forward Engineer Schema for Inserts data in TIMESTAMP columns. (Bug #37059)

  • If a database was imported using Reverse Engineer SQL ALTER Script and the database name changed in Workbench, the script then generated by Forward Engineer SQL ALTER Script was incorrect. (Bug #36178)

  • The auto-increment flag was not cleared internally for a column, when the type of that column was changed to one for which auto-increment is invalid; for example, char. When the model was exported using Export, Forward Engineer SQL Create Script, the resulting script incorrectly retained the auto-increment flag for the changed column. (Bug #36085)