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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.16-rc (2008-03-26, Release Candidate)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.15-rc.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Options and configuration options that affect models can now be set on a model by model basis. Choose Options from the Model menu and choose the Diagram tab. (Bug #34610)

Bugs Fixed

  • When double-clicking the row in a column as a primary key, the primary key property would be toggled. The editor will now permit you to edit the value when you click a data row on the table. (Bug #35613)

  • Opening the Indexes portion of a table would generate a unhandled exception error. (Bug #35598)

  • When disabling global options on an individual model failed to honor the model specific options would be ignored. (Bug #35516)

  • When placing a 1:n relation, an index out of range error could be raised. This could further result in operation on NULL object: Invalid value errors when trying to edit the relation. (Bug #35447)

  • Setting the value of a numeric column to a negative value was not supported. (Bug #35442)

  • Printing an HTML version of the schema would produce a fatal error. (Bug #35400)

  • The OK and Cancel buttons for the Diagram Size dialog would not be initialized properly. (Bug #34808)

  • When using print preview on a diagram, clicking the Print button would send a blank page to the printer. (Bug #34630)

  • When copying multiple table definitions from one schema to another, only the first table in the selection would be pasted into the new schema. (Bug #34483)

  • The Draw Line Crossing option failed to be recognized correctly. You can also now set this on an individual model basis using the Options option in the Model menu. (Bug #34248)

  • Copying an existing module to the plugins directory would trigger a double registration of the modulem, and produce an error. (Bug #34134)

  • When exporting a diagram to PDF, some additional lines would be added to the generated PDF. (Bug #33586)

  • Placing an image on to the canvas could crash the application. For images larger than the canvas, the image is automatically reduced so that it is properly visible on the canvas for editing. (Bug #33179)

  • A 1:m relation in a diagram failed to be generated properly when exported as a PDF. (Bug #32882)

  • The Undo and Redo options would not be applied properly when making modifications to partition definitions. (Bug #32279)