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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.17-rc (2008-04-07, Release Candidate)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.16-rc.

Bugs Fixed

  • Creating a new view and then deleting it caused a System.AccessViolationException. (Bug #35840)

  • Editing a stored procedure within Workbench could cause an exception. (Bug #35828)

  • The modified timestamp for an existing model was not correctly updated for all changes. (Bug #35719)

  • Identifiers for field names in DML SQL statements would not be quoted correctly, permitting reserved words to be included in the SQL statements. (Bug #35710)

  • Workbench would crash repeatedly when drawing the diagram for a table where the referenced column in a foreign key relationship was blank. (Bug #35677)

  • Identifiers using uppercase characters for stored procedures would automatically be modified to lowercase. (Bug #35650)

  • When working with the SQL Script editor, it was not possible to select all the text in the display when using Control+A. (Bug #35646)

  • The Model Navigation window could not be collapsed like other palettes. (Bug #35642)

  • Modifying the primary key index definition for within the table view would not update the entity relationship diagram. (Bug #35639)

  • When validating an existing model using the Forward Engineer Wizard, MySQL-specific validation failed. (Bug #35604)

  • Deleting an existing layer on a diagram and then editing other objects on the same canvas could generate a number of exceptions, and could corrupt the Workbench file. (Bug #35603)

  • Switching to the Connect to Columns notation with an existing model would cause an exception. (Bug #35601)

  • Data in BLOG and TEXT columns defined using the Inserts tab would not be quoted correctly in the resulting SQL. (Bug #35525)

  • Opening an existing Workbench model with an invalid foreign key definition would cause an exception. (Bug #35501)

  • Moving multiple tables on the same diagram, and then using Undo to revert the model to the original layout, only the first table selected be returned to its original position. (Bug #35465)

  • When adding a foreign key relationship within a catalog with an existing entity relationship diagram, the foreign key relationship is not added to the existing diagram. (Bug #35429)

  • The precise position of individual connections would not be retained when the schema was saved. (Bug #35397)

  • Opening a GRT shell while the table editor is open would raise an exception. (Bug #35349)

  • When modifying an existing foreign key relationship, the generated ALTER script did not reflect the modification. (Bug #35265, Bug #35830)

  • When creating foreign key relationships that point to more than one table, the same foreign key identifier for the same table could be created. This would create invalid SQL code for creating the table. (Bug #35262)

  • When importing an existing DB Designer schema, Workbench could crash. (Bug #35123)

  • Setting up indexes in both the index and foreign key list views, the mouse pointer would dissappear while the entry box was in use. (Bug #35062)

  • Double-clicking the Catalog title bar undocked the GRT Tree window. (Bug #34856)

  • The font for views and routines was not monospace by default. (Bug #34537)

  • When using the Forward Engineer Wizard, if an error occurred, the dialog showing the error detail would be incomplete, and determining the reason for the error would be masked because the end of log message would be hidden. (Bug #34509)

  • When using the Hide Menu Items Not Applicable to this Edition option, a simplified version of the Find dialog box was not available. (Bug #34493)

  • Editing the text of the Trigger portion of an existing schemata would introduce additional text into the Trigger definition. (Bug #34397)

  • Creating more than five stored procedures or views in a model would cause the dialog box for the operation to move to a different layer, making it inaccessible when using the mouse. (Bug #34153)

  • Selecting Export, Forward Engineer ALTER script from the File would open a SQL Script Synchronization dialog, rather than export dialog. (Bug #34099)

  • When moving more than layer in Model Navigator, only the first layer's position would be reflected correctly in the output. (Bug #33627)