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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.25 (2008-09-12)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.24.

Bugs Fixed

  • If the user closed all tabs and then quit, Workbench crashed. (Bug #39346)

  • Foreign keys referencing a deleted table were not removed. (Bug #39150)

  • Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script and Forward Engineer SQL ALTER Script generated scripts that did not put index names in quotation marks. (Bug #39140)

  • When Workbench was started with the GRT Shell tab opened, the object tree in the GRT Tree pane was not displayed. (Bug #39122)

  • When triggers were exported with the Generate DROP TABLES statements option checked, DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS did not appear in the exported SQL. (Bug #39119)

  • The Triggers tab would always enable Insert mode when opened. (Bug #39118)

  • In the Foreign Key tab of the Table Editor, the menu that is displayed on clicking in the Referenced Table column, listed table names by creation date, rather than by sorted name. (Bug #38944)

  • If any DEFAULT properties were defined for a model, they appeared to be lost after saving the model and restarting Workbench. (Bug #38825)

  • When you loaded a UTF-8 encoded script file into Workbench, the embedded SQL editor replaced international characters with the ? symbol. (Bug #38783)

  • When creating Views and Routines, the entry in the Undo History window showed Parse MySQL View instead of View Created, and Parse MySQL Routine instead of Routine Created.

    When subsequently undoing this operation the correct text was displayed. Performing a redo then resulted in the incorrect text being displayed again.

    Additionally, when undoing a Routine Group, the previous undo action in the history was incorrectly renamed and the last entry in the history was deleted. (Bug #36047)

  • In the Table Editor tab, wherever data could be entered, such as in the Foreign Key Name entry field, the default wrap protocol was to go to a new line. This resulted in text that was only partially visible. (Bug #34510)

  • The synchronization wizard could show a diff tree for schemata different from those that had been selected. (Bug #32365)