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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.23 (2008-06-25)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.22.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • It was not clear how a stored connection profile could be edited and the changes saved. Tooltips have been added to the relevant buttons and the main documentation clarified. (Bug #37061)

Bugs Fixed

  • The File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script menu item exports a script it is then unable to import using the File, Export, Reverse Engineer MySQL Create Script menu item because it incorrectly imports comments containing special characters. (Bug #37563, Bug #37562)

  • Workbench was failing to correctly export Trigger DDLs. (Bug #37432)

  • Using Generate Schema Diff Report resulted in a crash. The crash was caused by improper handling of an invalid foreign key in a table. While this issue is correctly reported by a validation module, in Standard Edition Generate Schema Diff Report didn't handle that correctly. (Bug #37393)

  • When a new column was added to a table Inserts data was deleted. (Bug #37192)

  • Trying to edit a table in a new window displays an error message dialog:

    Invalid plugin
    Invalid plugin wb.edit.editSelectedInNewWindow

    (Bug #37180)

  • If you try to place a new image into an EER Diagram and select an invalid filetype, you get a error message dialog with the following text:

    cairo error: invalid matrix (not invertible)

    If you then click OK to clear the dialog and then try to select Place a New Table, the error message dialog is displayed again. (Bug #37079)

  • The Forward Engineer wizard did not report connection status correctly. If invalid database credentials were entered, the wizard reported success, even though the connection failed. (Bug #37060)

  • Incorrect behavior when editing a table. When the columns tab is selected, if you want to delete multiple selected tables at once, Workbench removes the wrong columns. (Bug #37045)

  • The script generated by the File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL ALTER Script menu item contains syntax errors. (Bug #36889)

  • The export filter did not properly filter tables. (Bug #36739)

  • Workbench generated incorrect syntax when attempting to synchronize with a live server. The resulting code was missing commas which resulted in a syntax error. (Bug #36674)

  • After reverse engineering an SQL create script and drawing some EER diagrams, a subsequent import of the same script destroys the EER diagrams. All tables in the catalog are updated, but the reference of the table in the diagram to the table in the catalog is lost. The tables in the diagram are still visible, but do not correspond to the table in the catalog.

    After closing and re-opening the file, all diagrams are empty and it is impossible to delete the diagrams. However, in the overview in the upper right corner, the tables placed in the diagram are still visible. (Bug #36381)

  • Mouse wheel does not work when you double-click a table and select the Options tab. (Bug #36374)

  • When File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL ALTER Script menu item is selected it causes an ALTER Script Generation (Script Synchronization) error. (Bug #36355)

  • The behavior of the Synchronize wizard was inconsistent when cancelled and re-run. (Bug #36177)

  • Several windows and tabs have fields which are either not completely visible or are obscured by labels that overlap the field. (Bug #36115)

  • When creating a Schema Diff Report from the local model to a live database, the wizard crashed with an unhandled exception. (Bug #35878)

  • Collapsing of the EER Diagram section of the MySQL Model tab is not retained after program relaunch. (Bug #35717)

  • In the MySQL Model tab, in the summary line for Physical Schemata, there are three icons, one for large icon view, one for small icon view, one for list view. Changing the view is not saved between application launches. (Bug #35716)

  • Performing a Database Synchronization resulted in erroneous ALTER statements being generated. (Bug #34812)

  • Menu item was incorrectly named Generate Schema Diff Report, when it should have been called Generate Catalog Diff Report. (Bug #34398)

  • Workbench failed to restore window states, window positions and side-panel sizes from the previous execution of the application. (Bug #32442)

  • The AUTO_INCREMENT attribute is now ignored on import for column types that do not support it. (Bug #31986)