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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.18-rc (Not released)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.17-rc.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Foreign key labels could not be hidden, and displayed labels were not centered. There are now options to hide all connection captions, and to center captions. (Bug #30902)

Bugs Fixed

  • In the table editor, setting the input focus by clicking the mouse did not work. (Bug #35969)

  • The Reference Column dropdown used during foreign key creation was slow to display. (Bug #35948)

  • In the table editors foreign key Tab, when a column for the foreign key is checked (right pane), the Referenced Column dropdown opens. Pressing Escape at this point caused a crash. (Bug #35926)

  • After changing the Row Format option, closing the table editor and opening a new document caused a crash. (Bug #35925)

  • If a table in an EER Diagram was double-clicked in an attempt to open it for editing in the Table Editor, this error was generated:

    Cannot load selected plugin(.\db.mysql.editors.wbp.fe.dll::DbMysqlTableEditor)

    (Bug #35897)

  • Synchronizing the data model with a live database from the SQL Diff Tree dialog resulted in a crash. (Bug #35884)

  • Creating a Schema Diff Report from the local model to a live database caused a crash. (Bug #35878)

  • The Pack Keys option could not be saved. (Bug #35872)

  • Some menus or submenus had items enabled when the corresponding features were disabled. (Bug #35870)

  • The Connection Caption option did not work properly. (Bug #35859)

  • The status of a connection line in a table diagram was not updated when a foreign key relationship between tables was changed. (Bug #35800)

  • The File -> Export -> Export as PNG menu item was enabled under some circumstances in which it should have been disabled. (Bug #35746)

  • Scrolling was slow for table models with large numbers of tables. (Bug #35655)

  • Pressing Control+Z to undo the last change in an SQL Script text box deleted the entire script. (Bug #35649)

  • Workbench is unable to read files such as Workbench Model Files from a non-English directory. (Bug #35547)

  • Workbench permitted table comments to be entered longer than the maximum length of 60 characters. (Bug #34507)

  • A crash could occur during foreign key creation. (Bug #33545)

  • Autoplacing for display of complex schemas has been improved. (Bug #32888)

  • Typing q in the GRT Shell caused a crash. (Bug #32755)