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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.22 (2008-05-27)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.21.

Bugs Fixed

  • Can not add values for TIMESTAMP columns in the Inserts editor. (Bug #37009)

  • When columns are added to, or removed from a table, Workbench deletes all Inserts data. (Bug #37008)

  • Trigger definition auto-formatting resulted in malformed code. (Bug #36815, Bug #37685)

  • The script generated by the File, Export, Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script menu item contains a spurious quotation mark. (Bug #36753)

  • For CREATE TABLE statements, TIME column default values were not quoted properly. (Bug #36669)

  • Print preview in landscape orientation did not work correctly. (Bug #36647)

  • When opening a model created with an earlier version of Workbench, the Indexes tab displayed indexes of type FOREIGN as type INDEX, and it was not possible to change them back to FOREIGN. (Bug #36453)

  • If a table column definition permits NULL and has been set with a default of NULL, integrity validation operations complained that the default value for the column is invalid. (Bug #36397)

  • After use of Control+X to cut text from a text-edit box and Control+Z to undo the operation, the canvas was updated correctly but not the text box. (Bug #36358)

  • Shifted content could not be scrolled or navigated. (Bug #36328)

  • The mousewheel scrolled the overview pane when it was open behind the insert-editor. (Bug #36253)

  • View renaming in overview did not work properly and has been disabled. (Bug #36202)

  • The Copy to SQL operation caused a crash. (Bug #36184)

  • Dragging objects out of a layer did not work properly. (Bug #36053)

  • The enabled/disabled status of items in the Edit menu was not updated properly. (Bug #35962)

  • Relationships were drawn over tables. (Bug #35867)

  • The script generated by database synchronize contained errors. (Bug #35644)

  • Setting up foreign key relationships across multiple schemas did not work. (Bug #34546)

  • Scrollbars now appear correctly when editor windows are reduced in height. (Bug #32454)

  • Table partitioning information was not exported properly. (Bug #32226)