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Changes in MySQL Workbench 5.0.15-rc (2008-03-17, Beta)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of MySQL Workbench 5.0.14a-beta.

Bugs Fixed

  • Using Undo on a relationship within a model would cause an exception. (Bug #35243)

  • A foreign key relationship to the source table (a reflexive relationship) gives a bad representation in the entity model diagram. (Bug #35237, Bug #34810)

  • Generating an ALTER SCRIPT or using the synchronize functionality on a model with entity relationships, the relationship lines within the diagram would be generated twice. (Bug #35213)

  • Boolean values were unsupported when trying to insert values into a table, the TRUE would instead be replaced by a textual, quoted version 'TRUE'. (Bug #35205)

  • Printing a model diagram to PDF or Postscript, results in a corrupt file PDF or Postscript file that does not match the model. (Bug #35197)

  • Deleting objects within the overview pane when the corresponding editor pane for those objects is open would cause a crash. (Bug #35186)

  • When entering data into the Default column of the table editor, the use of the Return key for saving the information about the default value was not supported. (Bug #35127)

  • There was a typographical error in the help message for the GRT command cd. The word Absolute was missing the final e. This has been corrected. (Bug #35119)

  • When changing the name within a foreign key relationship, the modified name is not reflected in the tables to which the foreign key is related. (Bug #35093)

  • Scrollbar navigation did not work after importing a DB Designer schema with a large canvas size. However, you could still navigate using the Model Navigator palette. (Bug #34988)

  • After importing a DB Designer schema, the following error occurred: "Cairo error: input string not valid UTF-8." (Bug #34987)

  • Creating a new file after changing an existing file with modifications could lead to the original being deleted without prompting to save the changes. (Bug #34976)

  • When saving an existing model, the MySQL Model overview panel would scroll to the top of the model definition. (Bug #34975)

  • Changing the drawSplit property of a connection from the Properties palette did not updated the Visibility section of the connection editor. (Bug #34934)

  • Editing a primary key column within a model on Microsoft Vista could cause a crash. (Bug #34922)

  • On the MySQL Model page, when the large icons view was selected, the Add Table icon disappeared. (Bug #34904)

  • Incorrect ALTER statements are created during the synchronization process if you add foreign keys to an existing or imported model. (Bug #34897)

  • A new GRT Inspector tab would be created every time the GRT Shell was opened. In addition, manually closing the GRT Inspector and GRT Shell components would cause an exception. (Bug #34857)

  • Opening an existing MySQL Workbench file after associating the .mwb extension with the application leads to a crash when you open a MySQL Workbench file. (Bug #34849)

  • When editing a model, the windows and toolbars would realign themselves during selection. This was related to the configured font sizer the DPI setting of the monitor, causing the application to redraw the windows to account for the configuration combination. (Bug #34822)

  • Attempting to move a table on an EER diagram after deleting a relationship, caused the application to crash. (Bug #34816)

  • The New File dialog is nonmodal, and could be hidden by other windows. The dialog is now always drawn on top of other windows. (Bug #34784)

  • Changing the column name of a table when you have pending inserts to the table did not change the column name in the corresponding INSERT statements. (Bug #34500)

  • The Properties palette was not cleared when a new project was started. It retained the properties of the last selected object. (Bug #34433)

  • Deleting an existing schema with an open table editor would not close the table editor window. The window is now closed when the schema is deleted. (Bug #34345)

  • Searching a project specifying Entire Model in the In Location: list did not return any results. This applied to the Standard Edition only. (Bug #34170)

  • When the page size was changed from A4 to B4 it was not possible to move objects on an EER diagram beyond the old page boundaries. (Bug #34148)

  • When editing comments, the Return key would move to the next column, which prevented the use of newlines within the comment information. Workbench now permits use of the Return key within the comment field. (Bug #33980)

  • Where relationship lines crossed, and one of the connectors was changed to Hidden or Draw Split, the semi circle that indicated the previous intersection was still shown on the remaining connector. (Bug #33818)

  • Editing an existing diagram could cause an unhandled exception on Windows Vista. (Bug #33477)

  • Identifiers (tables, column, index, triggers and other data types) could be created with names longer than the maximum support by MySQL Server. (Bug #33265)

  • The application crashed when attempting to export an SQL CREATE script. (Bug #33263)

  • Placing an object on the canvas of an EER diagram where you have reverse engineered an existing database, would lead to multiple copies of the object appearing on the diagram. (Bug #32891)

  • When scrolling through a schema, the tables in the schema were not redrawn correctly. (Bug #32835)

  • On an EER diagram you could not select a relationship if the connection line wasn't stepped. You can now select a connector even if it is not stepped. (Bug #32734)

  • Printing a model when there is no printer connected could result in an application exception. (Bug #32320)