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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Setting the TCP Port Context for MySQL Features Setting the TCP Port Context for MySQL Features

If you enable certain MySQL features, you may need to set the SELinux TCP port context for additional ports used by those features. If ports used by MySQL features do not have the correct SELinux context, the features may not function correctly.

Generally, the following method can be used to set the port context for other MySQL features:

  1. View the ports currently enabled for MySQL:

    semanage port -l | grep mysqld
  2. If the port used by the MySQL feature is not listed, enable the required port using the following command:

    semanage port -a -t mysqld_port_t -p tcp port_number

    where port_number is the port number you want to enable.

For information about ports used by MySQL features, refer to the MySQL Port Reference.