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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Previous NDB Cluster Issues Resolved in NDB Cluster 7.3 Previous NDB Cluster Issues Resolved in NDB Cluster 7.3

A number of limitations and related issues that existed in earlier versions of NDB Cluster have been resolved in NDB Cluster 7.3. These are described briefly in the following list:

  • Support for foreign keys.  Foreign key constraints are now supported for NDB tables, similar to how these are supported by the InnoDB storage engine.


    Unlike the case with user-partitioned InnoDB tables, foreign keys are supported for NDB tables that are partitioned by KEY or LINEAR KEY.

    Section, “FOREIGN KEY Constraints”, provides more information about foreign key support in MySQL. For more information about the syntax supported by MySQL for foreign keys, see Section, “FOREIGN KEY Constraints”.