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Excerpts from this Manual The ndbinfo disk_write_speed_base Table

The disk_write_speed_base table provides base information about the speed of disk writes during LCP, backup, and restore operations.

The following table provides information about the columns in the disk_write_speed_base table. For each column, the table shows the name, data type, and a brief description. Additional information can be found in the notes following the table.

Column NameTypeDescription
node_idintegerNode ID of this node
thr_nointegerThread ID of this LDM thread
millis_agointegerMilliseconds since this reporting period ended
millis_passedintegerMilliseconds elapsed in this reporting period
backup_lcp_bytes_writtenintegerNumber of bytes written to disk by local checkpoints and backup processes during this period
redo_bytes_writtenintegerNumber of bytes written to REDO log during this period
target_disk_write_speedintegerActual speed of disk writes per LDM thread (base data)

This table was added in NDB 7.4.1.

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