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MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual  /  ...  /  Limitations Relating to MySQL Cluster Disk Data Storage Limitations Relating to MySQL Cluster Disk Data Storage

Disk Data object maximums and minimums.  Disk data objects are subject to the following maximums and minimums:

  • Maximum number of tablespaces: 232 (4294967296)

  • Maximum number of data files per tablespace: 216 (65536)

  • Maximum data file size: The theoretical limit is 64G; however, the practical upper limit is 32G. This is equivalent to 32768 extents of 1M each.

    Since a MySQL Cluster Disk Data table can use at most 1 tablespace, this means that the theoretical upper limit to the amount of data (in bytes) that can be stored on disk by a single NDB table is 32G * 65536 = 2251799813685248, or approximately 2 petabytes.

  • The theoretical maximum number of extents per tablespace data file is 216 (65536); however, for practical purposes, the recommended maximum number of extents per data file is 215 (32768).

    The minimum and maximum possible sizes of extents for tablespace data files are 32K and 2G, respectively. See Section 13.1.18, “CREATE TABLESPACE Syntax”, for more information.

Disk Data tables and diskless mode.  Use of Disk Data tables is not supported when running the cluster in diskless mode.

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