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Excerpts from this Manual Installing NDB Cluster Using .deb Files

The section provides information about installing NDB Cluster on Debian and related Linux distributions such Ubuntu using the .deb files supplied by Oracle for this purpose.

Oracle provides .deb installer files for NDB Cluster 7.3 and NDB Cluster 7.4 for 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. For a Debian-based system, only a single installer file is necessary. This file is named using the pattern shown here, according to the applicable NDB Cluster version, Debian version, and architecture:


Here, ndbver is the 3-part NDB engine version number, debianver is the major version of Debian (6.0 or 7), and arch is one of i686 or x86_64. In the examples that follow, we assume you wish to install NDB 7.4.9 on a 64-bit Debian 7 system; in this case, the installer file is named mysql-cluster-gpl-7.4.9-debian7-x86_64.deb.

Once you have downloaded the appropriate .deb file, you can install it from the command line using dpkg, like this:

$> dpkg -i mysql-cluster-gpl-7.4.9-debian7-i686.deb

You can also remove it using dpkg as shown here:

$> dpkg -r mysql

The installer file should also be compatible with most graphical package managers that work with .deb files, such as GDebi for the Gnome desktop.

The .deb file installs NDB Cluster under /opt/mysql/server-version/, where version is the 2-part release series version for the included MySQL server. For both NDB Cluster 7.3 and NDB Cluster 7.4, this is always 5.6. The directory layout is the same as that for the generic Linux binary distribution (see Table 2.3, “MySQL Installation Layout for Generic Unix/Linux Binary Package”), with the exception that startup scripts and configuration files are found in support-files instead of share. All NDB Cluster executables, such as ndb_mgm, ndbd, and ndb_mgmd, are placed in the bin directory.