NDB Operator 8.4 Manual  /  Installation of NDB Operator  /  Installing NDB Operator Using the YAML File and kubectl

2.4 Installing NDB Operator Using the YAML File and kubectl

You can deploy the NDB Operator and the other related resources using the install manifest available in the source code, like this:

> kubectl apply -f deploy/manifests/ndb-operator.yaml

The command just shown deploys NDB Operator in the ndb-operator namespace.

Alternatively, you can also apply the remote copy of the manifest, without having to clone the entire repository, in a manner similar to what is shown here:

> kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mysql/mysql-ndb-operator/main/deploy/manifests/ndb-operator.yaml

To configure NDB Operator parameters such as the image name when installing NDB Operator using this method, it is necessary to download the manifest file, modify the local copy, then apply this local copy to the Kubernetes cluster.