NDB Operator 8.4 Manual  /  Installation of NDB Operator  /  Uninstalling NDB Operator

2.8 Uninstalling NDB Operator

The method for uninstalling NDB Operator depends on the installation used to install it in Kubernetes. If it was installed using Helm, NDB Operator installed aas release ndbop can be uninstalled from the Kubernetes cluster by using the following command:

> helm uninstall ndbop

helm uninstall removes only the NDB Operator and webhook server, but does not remove the NdbCluster CRD, which you can delete from the Kubernetes cluster as shown here:

> kubectl delete customresourcedefinitions ndbclusters.mysql.oracle.com

If NDB Operator was installed using the YAML manifest file, you can uninstall it by removing the file, like this:

> kubectl delete -f deploy/manifests/ndb-operator.yaml

Uninstalling only the NDB Operator does not affect any existing NDB Clusters running inside the Kubernetes cluster. Deleting the NdbCluster custom resource definition stops and deletes all running MySQL Cluster pods.