NDB Operator 8.4 Manual  /  Installation of NDB Operator  /  Upgrading NDB Operator

2.7 Upgrading NDB Operator

NDB Operator can be upgraded from one release to another without affecting any existing NDB cluster, subject only to the constraint that you should not attempt to modify the NdbCluster CRD (see Section 5.1, “NdbCluster Resource”) while the upgrade is in progress.

Upgrade using Helm chart.  The procedure outlined following assumes that the installed Helm chart is named ndbop, and that the chart is installed in the default namespace.

To update the local Helm repository and upgrade NDB Operator to the latest version, execute the following helm commands:

> helm repo update

> helm upgrade --namespace=ndb-operator ndbop ndb-operator-repo/ndb-operator

If the namespace in which NDB Operator is installed is other than ndbop, you can substitute its name as the argument to the --namespace option to specify the correct namespace.

Upgrade from source.  To upgrade NDB Operator from the source code, use Helm's upgrade command as shown here:

> helm upgrade ndbop deploy/charts/ndb-operator

Both helm install and helm upgrade can use the --set option to modify the configurable parameters specified in Section 2.3, “Installing NDB Operator Using Helm”.

Upgrade using YAML file and kubectl.  You can upgrade NDB Operator using the same installation commands shown in Section 2.4, “Installing NDB Operator Using the YAML File and kubectl”. In this case, you must make sure that the copy of the manifest YAML file is updated before executing kubectl apply.