NDB Operator 8.4 Manual  /  Contributing to NDB Operator  /  Reporting Issues and Requesting Enhancements

6.1 Reporting Issues and Requesting Enhancements

To report issues with NDB Operator, please file a bug report in the MySQL Bug System, using the category MySQL Cluster: NDB Operator.

Bug reports should provide as much information as possible, including the following:

  • Complete steps to reproduce the issue

  • Any information about the Kubernetes environment that may be specific to the bug

  • Specific version of NDB Operator

  • Specific version of the NDB Cluster being used

  • Sample code to help reproduce the issue, if possible.

You can also request enhancements to NDB Operator using the MySQL Bug System; these should also be filed under MySQL Cluster: NDB Operator.

Before filing bug reports or enhancement requests, please make sure that you are not submitting a duplicate of an issue which has already been filed. You can view existing issues here.

To report issues with or request enhancements to this documentation, please file a report in the MySQL Bug System using the category MySQL Cluster: Documentation.