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5.4 NdbClusterPodSpec Resource

NdbClusterPodSpec contains a subset of PodSpec fields which, when set, are copied into to the podSpec of the relevant MySQL Cluster node workload definitions. Used by NdbDataNodeSpec, NdbManagementNodeSpec, and NdbMysqldSpec.

  • resources (core/v1.ResourceRequirements): (optional) Total compute resources required by this pod. Cannot be changed.

  • nodeSelector (map[string]string): (optional) A selector which must be true for the pod to fit on a node; that is, a selector which must match a node's labels for the pod to be scheduled on that node.

    For more information, see nodeSelector.

  • affinity (Kubernetes core/v1.Affinity): (optional) If specified, these are the pod's scheduling constraints.

  • schedulerName (string): (optional) If given, the pod is dispatched by the specified scheduler; otherwise, the pod is dispatched by the default scheduler.

  • tolerations[] (core/v1.Toleration): (optional) If specified, the pod's tolerations.