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5.8 NdbManagementNodeSpec Resource

NdbManagementNodeSpec specifies a management server node in an NDB Cluster. Used by NdbClusterSpec.

  • config (map[string]* Kubernetes util/intstr.IntOrStringConfig): (optional) A map of default MySQL Cluster management node configuration parameters (see NDB Cluster Management Node Configuration Parameters).

  • ndbPodSpec (NdbClusterPodSpec): (optional) A subset of PodSpec fields which, when set, are copied into to the podSpec of the management node's StatefulSet definition.

  • enableLoadBalancer (bool): (optional) Exposes the management servers externally using the Kubernetes cloud provider's load balancer. By default, the operator creates a service of type ClusterIP to expose the management server pods internally within the Kubernetes cluster. If enableLoadBalancer is set to true, a service of type LoadBalancer is created instead, exposing the management servers outside the Kubernetes cluster.