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5.7 NdbDataNodeSpec Resource

NdbDataNodeSpec specifies a data node in an NDB Cluster. Used by NdbClusterSpec.

  • config (map[string]* Kubernetes util/intstr.IntOrStringConfig): (optional) A map of default NDB data node configuration parameters (see NDB Cluster Data Node Configuration Parameters).

  • ndbPodSpec (NdbClusterPodSpec): (optional) A subset of PodSpec fields which, when set, are copied into to the podSpec of the data node's StatefulSet definition.

  • nodeCount (integer): The total number of data nodes in a MySQL NDB Cluster; this must be an integer multiple of redundancyLevel. A maximum of 144 data nodes is supported.

  • pvcSpec (Kubernetes core/v1.PersistentVolumeClaimSpec): (optional) The PersistentVolumeClaimSpec to be used as the VolumeClaimTemplate of the data node StatefulSet. A PVC is created for each data node by the StatefulSet controller and is loaded into the data node pod and the container.