NDB Operator 8.4 Manual  /  NDB Operator CRD Reference  /  NdbClusterStatus Resource

5.6 NdbClusterStatus Resource

NdbClusterStatus represents the status of an Ndb resource. Used by NdbCluster.

  • processedGeneration (integer): Holds the latest generation of the Ndb resource whose specs have been successfully applied to the NDB Cluster running inside Kubernetes.

  • readyManagementNodes (string): The status of the NDB Cluster management nodes.

  • readyDataNodes (string): The status of the NDB Cluster data nodes.

  • readyMySQLServers (string): The status of the MySQL servers attached to the NDB Cluster as SQL nodes.

  • conditions ([]NdbClusterCondition): The latest available observations of the NDB Cluster's current state.

  • generatedRootPasswordSecretName (string): This is the name of the secret generated by the operator, used as the MySQL server root account password. This will be set to null if a secret has already been provided to the operator using spec.mysqlNode.rootPasswordSecretName.