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6.7 MySQL Enterprise Backup Interface

MySQL Workbench includes a MySQL Enterprise Backup interface that is listed in the Navigator Administration tab for a MySQL connection. There are two MySQL Enterprise Backup related sections in the Navigator:

  • Online Backup: Sets a backup profile that defines what should be backed up, where the backup should be stored, and when (the frequency) MySQL should be backed up.

  • Restore: Restores the MySQL server to a specific point in time, typically by restoring a backup that was created by the Online Backup feature in MySQL Workbench.

For information comparing the different methods to import/export data using MySQL Workbench, see Section 6.5, “Data Export and Import”.

The MySQL Enterprise Backup configuration is located on the MySQL server, and not locally. This information includes the MySQL Enterprise Backup configuration backup profiles, job scheduling, backup operations, and data. This also means that the backup operations are executed with (or without) MySQL Workbench running.

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