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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.9 (2014-02-05, General Availability)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 6.0.8.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The restore operation can restore to a different schema. (Bug #11759068, Bug #51351)

Bugs Fixed

  • Sometimes, when exporting an EER diagram to SQL, the generated SQL code did not include "DROP SCHEMA" statements even with the Generate DROP SCHEMA option checked. (Bug #18054932, Bug #71243)

  • On Linux, the Cancel button was written as "Cance" on some systems, depending on the GTK theme used on the system. (Bug #18042862, Bug #71106)

  • Ubuntu 13.10 is now supported. (Bug #18042416, Bug #71281)

  • MySQL Workbench now builds on Debian 7.0-unstable. (Bug #18041235, Bug #71156)

  • One tab could execute the query from a different tab, after swapping tabs. (Bug #17903147, Bug #71029)

  • On Linux, renaming foreign keys and indexes would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #17841664, Bug #70977)

  • On Linux, building MySQL Workbench from source would generate many glib related warnings with newer versions of glib. (Bug #17813170, Bug #70932)

  • After creating a new view inside a model, clicking Add View would display a new view in the editor this new could not be saved. (Bug #17796027, Bug #70904)

  • The --routines command line option was missing from the generated mysqldump command when multiple schemas were selected for a dump into a single file backup when the routines option was enabled. This could happen after executing the dump multiple times. (Bug #17795551, Bug #70896)

  • Executing Model, Forward Engineering with the Do not create users, only export privileges option enabled would recreate the user instead of simply changing privileges for the existing user. (Bug #17794653, Bug #70903)

  • When building from source and without building the documentation, the documentation link will open the online MySQL Workbench manual. (Bug #17788936, Bug #70873)

  • Adding a new table to an empty EER diagram would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #17775383, Bug #70872)

  • On OS X, switching colors with layers and tables several times could eventually cause a crash. (Bug #17758312, Bug #70841)

  • The Inserts tab under Forward Engineering would sometimes unexpectedly fail. (Bug #17698069, Bug #70747)

  • The ENUM type now corresponds better to its definition better under Model, User Defined Types, to allow arguments. (Bug #17633506, Bug #70671)

  • On Microsoft Windows and OS X, the bundled PyCrypto library was upgraded to version 2.6.1. (Bug #17615430)

  • MySQL Workbench could crash when using a MySQL connection that connects via an SSH tunnel with success, but is defined using incorrect MySQL server credentials. A dialog now requests the correct information. (Bug #17456433, Bug #70332)

  • The catalog treeview for an EER diagram was replaced by a central control with improved handling, which allows MySQL Workbench to worth more smoothly with a large number of tables. (Bug #17370413, Bug #69692)

  • Under certain scenarios, the File, Print to File... action would not allow models to be unchecked. (Bug #17300434)

  • Indexes that were auto-created for a Foreign Key can now be deleted in case another suitable index was available. (Bug #17275827, Bug #69937)

  • Model synchronization would complete, but if repeated then MySQL Workbench would ask to update the database again. (Bug #17033354, Bug #69591)

  • Changing the collation type would not always be detected, as "No changes detected" would be reported after attempting to apply the change. (Bug #16492371, Bug #68672)

  • The MySQL Forums link on the MySQL Workbench home page was updated, and it now links to a MySQL Workbench page that also links to the MySQL Workbench - Database Migration forum, when before it was difficult to find. (Bug #14773380, Bug #67272)

  • From Database, Reverse Engineer, and after selecting a schema with multiple tables, clicking the left or right arrow buttons with the Show Filter feature to include/exclude tables would lose the cursor position, and always move the cursor to the top of the list. (Bug #14017237, Bug #65018)

  • For models, tables can now be renamed by double-clicking the name column, and the columns edited. (Bug #13702831, Bug #64134)

  • MySQL Workbench could crash after choosing Recover when prompted to recover a model file from a previous session after MySQL Workbench was not closed properly. (Bug #13051204, Bug #62589)

  • A large SQL script file could not be saved for a model, although a limit of around 200MB limit still exists. (Bug #13025333)

  • Applying an large SQL Script object to a model could crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #13025299)

  • The "Scratch" SQL editor tabs were removed, and instead standard SQL editor tabs are always opened. (Bug #11765876, Bug #58882)

  • Editing a mandatory relationship now updates the referenced column. (Bug #11764011, Bug #56792)

  • The Schema Privileges tab was hidden in the Schema editor, and is now more viewable. (Bug #11758814, Bug #51066)

  • The Copy and Paste keyboard shortcut did not always function from within table cells in all environments. (Bug #11755245, Bug #46994)