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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.3 (2013-07-09)

This is the second public beta release of 6.0. It is meant for testing purposes, and should not be used in a production environment.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • On OS X 10.7 and above, full screen support was added. (Bug #16962994, Bug #69473)

  • Database models can now be synchronized with any schema overriding the schema name. For example, it is now possible to synchronize two databases that have different names. (Bug #11757723, Bug #49817)

Bugs Fixed

  • Migrating Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL could truncate VARCHAR data. (Bug #17025373, Bug #69596)

  • The SELECT DROP table/schema context menu action would generate SQL in lowercase. SQL keywords are now written in uppercase. (Bug #17006621, Bug #69560)

  • The check box in the bottom left corner of the Model, Model Options dialog box was not labeled. The label is now Use defaults from global settings. (Bug #17004380, Bug #69552)

  • Executing Synchronize Model against two tables that were identical except for the order that the indexes were created, would cause MySQL Workbench to drop and immediately re-add the foreign keys. (Bug #16999452, Bug #69153, Bug #69181)

  • Pressing Control + F would fail to open the Find dialog. (Bug #16996850, Bug #69540)

  • The ";" separator for passing in multiple values to the replicate-wild-ignore-table option was not parsed correctly, and MySQL Workbench would throw an unhandled exception. (Bug #16996665, Bug #69520)

  • The Forward Engineering Generate INSERT statements for tables option did not function. (Bug #16992658, Bug #69532)

  • When executing an Administration task, such as Manage Security, an "Current Profile Has no WMI enabled" error would be reported for local connections.

    A workaround was to edit and save the connection, while making edits to the connection was not required. (Bug #16986040, Bug #59933)

  • Under certain circumstances, entering an incorrect password would be saved and "Incorrect password" would be reported without the ability to enter a new (and valid) password. (Bug #16979861, Bug #69497)

  • On OS X, the default configuration files for local server instances were not discovered properly. Attempts to edit the Options File would emit an error. (Bug #16977187, Bug #69475)

  • The DBMS connection read time out user preference was limited to 5 characters in length. (Bug #16967769, Bug #69395)

  • MySQL Workbench prompted for the sudo password when it was not needed. (Bug #16967758, Bug #69481)

  • The Export recordset to an external file option would not check for existing files with the same name, and would overwrite a file without providing a warning. A prompt is now generated that asks if you want to overwrite the existing file. (Bug #16959225, Bug #69467)

  • Attempting to change my.cnf via Server Administration, Option File would generate an error about an invalid sudo password. (Bug #16941451)

  • Migrating a local MySQL server to a remote MySQL server would fail at the data copy step, when a stored connection using the default socket path was used. (Bug #16895726, Bug #69376)

  • On Microsoft Windows 8, a "Handle is not Initialized" exception would be generated after performing a "Find and Replace" in the routine tab that is located in the group routines section. (Bug #16892512, Bug #69354)

  • Adding a particularly long string (around 50 characters) to a table comment for a model diagram would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #16703832, Bug #68984)

  • When executing an Import From Disk operation with Data Import/Restore to a connection with an SSL CA File specified in the connection's configuration, clicking Start Import would generate an error and fail to function. (Bug #16601645, Bug #68428)

  • Creating a stored function or procedure would generate SQL with superfluous CREATE and USE statements. (Bug #16588163, Bug #68204)

  • Executing Model, DBDoc, Model Reporting created a memory link. Then after the report was generated, executing File, Export, Export as PNG failed and report that MySQL Workbench ran out of memory. (Bug #16562737, Bug #68755)

  • Changing a column's default value from CURRENT_TIMESTAMP to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP was not detected. (Bug #16546597, Bug #68341)

  • Clicking Apply after only changing a backtick ("`") or space (" ") would not save the results, and instead MySQL Workbench would report "No changes detected." (Bug #16545503, Bug #68162)

  • Moving tables around while constructing a diagram could cause the table positions to become lost, and scatter. (Bug #16521951, Bug #68727)

  • When connected to a database in SQL Development mode after running a query (or using the Edit table data context menu option), left clicking the leftmost column in the result set pane did nothing. The row options are now enabled when clicking the left side column. (Bug #16469383, Bug #68633)

  • Opening the SQL editor with a stored connection would not open the saved workspace if the stored connection was selected by default. (Bug #16433144, Bug #68499)

  • After creating a table against a MySQL server with lower_case_table_names set to 1, the Object Browser would display the new table name as the user entered it, instead of displaying how it was created with lower-case. The lowercase version is now displayed, and the user is notified of the conversion. (Bug #16390426, Bug #68210)

  • Importing a CSV file that defined line endings with "\r" instead of "\n" or "\r\n" would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. A warning message is now displayed that warns of the incorrect format. (Bug #16362189, Bug #68343)

  • The **.* object under Model, Schema Privileges, Privileges was missing an icon. (Bug #16285241)

  • The Replace & Find feature would insert the replacement text at the cursor location even if the matching text was not found. (Bug #16284625)

  • On Microsoft Windows, an "Index was out of range" exception was thrown after loading the Output tab in the SQL editor. (Bug #16283047)

  • The text editor in the lower bottom half of the snippets tab (inside the scripting shell) would become unavailable (hidden) after dragging the splitter bar all the way down. (Bug #16277909)

  • After adding and deleting a relationship between tables, the deleted relationship was still reported in the yellow tooltip box.

    A workaround was to restart MySQL Workbench after saving the project. (Bug #14835355, Bug #67421)

  • An error was emitted while generating a catalog diff report, and differences in catalogs are now successfully reported. (Bug #14692908, Bug #66986)

  • The canvas height of the Model Overview container was not calculated properly. The amount of whitespace would increase as the number of objects increased. (Bug #14456267)

  • Database synchronization with a View would sometimes fail, and could remove the View. (Bug #14005482, Bug #65108)

  • Right-clicking on an existing diagram in the model editor would display a disabled Cut and Paste option. It was removed. (Bug #13470625)

  • A column name mapping editor was added to the synchronize wizard, as sometimes manually adjusting the column mapping is required. (Bug #13463420, Bug #63486)

  • An error dialog is now generated if an invalid column is chosen from the foreign key picker when creating the relationship. (Bug #11766525, Bug #59655)

  • Validation now checks for the required parenthesis with the "Union Tables" argument during model synchronization, and adds them if they are missing. (Bug #11766487, Bug #59601)

  • The default value for an ENUM was not quoted. (Bug #11761349, Bug #53835)

  • MySQL Workbench could exhibit an extended timeout when suffering from incorrect permissions. This extended timeout was fixed, and MySQL Workbench will now ask for the sudo password when needed. (Bug #11761240, Bug #53711)

  • When adding a table to form a N:M relationship in a large EER Diagram, the new N:M table was positioned far away from the tables. This third table is now added between the two other tables. (Bug #11754898, Bug #46582)

  • The name of a Diagram can now be changed from the diagram tab via Model, Diagram Properties and Size.... (Bug #11753099, Bug #44472)