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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.0 (Not released)

This is the first private alpha release of 6.0.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • New Delete with References and Select with References options were added. The DELETE version will generate a series of DELETE statements needed to delete a row from a table that includes rows from other tables that reference it, recursively. The SELECT version allows you to preview what rows would be deleted. (Bug #14158884, Bug #65525)

  • Context Sensitive help was added that show specific help topics depending on the word at the caret in the SQL editor. After a delay, MySQL Workbench will show formatted help information from the MySQL Server (equivalent to using the help command from the command-line MySQL Client). (Bug #11765858, Bug #58862)

  • The Schema Inspector and Table Maintenance features were added, which include the ability to analyze and repair tables, and view table metrics. (Bug #11765063, Bug #11761090, Bug #11758528, Bug #57982, Bug #53548, Bug #50741)

  • A table templates feature was added where one can specify the list of columns to be created for a new table, in both the SQL Editor and in Modeling. (Bug #11764790, Bug #57661)

  • A comment tab was added to allow specifying database independent comments for a store routines/views. (Bug #11764338, Bug #57161)

  • A toolbar was added to all script editors with options that include save and load buttons. (Bug #11764091, Bug #56886)

  • A new Preferences, SQL Queries, Leave autocommit mode enabled by default user preference was added. (Bug #11763282, Bug #55975)

  • The --query command line option was changed, the connection dialog will be popped up directly if a value is not passed in. (Bug #11762355, Bug #54938)

  • The development toolbar was added to all SQL editors, and includes the ability to search/replace within the Alter Table window. (Bug #11759599, Bug #51923)

  • Added MySQL Enterprise Backup support. A GUI for the MySQL Enterprise Backup command-line now exists inside MySQL Workbench SE for Enterprise users.

  • Added a code editing toolbar for all SQL editors in both the modeling and query editor interfaces.

  • Added the ability to create tables from user templates, which includes a table template editor.

  • Added plugins to build SQL queries for:

    • Cascading DELETE statements for selected tables.

    • Perform a SELECT statement for cascaded DELETE statements, for previewing.

    • Building a joined SELECT statement for selected tables that automatically determine the intermediate tables by using the shortest path.

  • Added the database search feature.

  • Added a new Schema Manager feature, which is found under Schema, Schema Manager.

  • Added schemata migration support for SQL Anywhere and SQLite.

  • Code completion now supports all query types, in addition to SELECT statements. Suggestions are now displayed for all database object types, such as triggers, event, and indexes, in addition to schemas, tables and columns.

  • On Microsoft Windows version 7 and above, support for application color schemes was added, and they are dynamically switchable via the MySQL Workbench preferences.

  • MySQL Workbench no longer bundles the μ, as they are installed as separate packages.

Bugs Fixed

  • Under certain circumstances, cutting and pasting a large amount of data from an external application (such as Excel) could cause MySQL Workbench to throw an exception. (Bug #16545227, Bug #67936)

  • After changing a column name, clicking a different location could cause the column name change to be lost. (Bug #16536486, Bug #68216)

  • While copying a model column, the new column names default to [name]_copy[n] where "name" is the name of the copied column, and "n" is an incremented integer. (Bug #16072331, Bug #67822)

  • The Wrap-Lines feature was not present in the functions/procedures editor, but was available in the standard SQL editor. It is now available to all SQL editors. (Bug #14823122, Bug #66942)

  • The SQL editor did not recognize changes when only the case was changed. (Bug #14686272, Bug #66993)

  • After clicking Dismiss when an orphaned document was loaded at start up, the same dialog was displayed after reopening MySQL Workbench. Recovered connections are now labeled with "(Recovered)" and will disappear after you reopen the connection. (Bug #14538902, Bug #66256)

  • The Object Browser and Foreign Key Referenced Table List would sometimes list tables in a different order, but they now use the same sorting mechanism. (Bug #14521193, Bug #66279)

  • When converting a BOOL to a TINYINT(1) when synchronizing a model with a schema, the synchronization diff would continue to claim the two were different. (Bug #14520990, Bug #66364)

  • On OS X, resizing the navigator image to zero size (by dragging the catalog, layers, and user types part up) and then back down to resize, would cause the image to move to the wrong position. (Bug #13940003, Bug #64864)

  • The quoting logic was updated to also consider that digit only identifiers should be quoted. (Bug #13939997, Bug #64869)

  • Synchronization would sometimes fail and crash MySQL Workbench with models that included triggers. (Bug #12762352, Bug #61860)

  • After executing Forward Engineer CREATE, all generated "CREATE SCHEMA IF NOT EXISTS" statements were placed at the beginning of the resulting DDL file, instead of just before the DDL for each schema. (Bug #11766560, Bug #59697)

  • Switching to the Columns tab while creating a new table would cause MySQL Workbench to spike its CPU usage. (Bug #11766368, Bug #59467)

  • Unsigned INT(10) columns would be converted to signed INT(10) for imported DBDesigner4 models. (Bug #11763391, Bug #56089)

  • The USE statement is now being added prior to creating procedures, as otherwise it was possible that the procedures would be placed in the wrong schema. (Bug #11758847, Bug #51102)

  • On Linux and Microsoft Windows, the empty properties tab was removed from the Model view interface. (Bug #11757396, Bug #49436)

  • Executing Forward Engineer SQL Script would use the preset values from a previous execution of Forward Engineer an Alter Script. (Bug #11756316, Bug #48221)