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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.2 (2013-06-13)

This is the first public beta release of 6.0. It is meant for testing purposes, and should not be used in a production environment.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new Hide sleeping connections option was added to the Client Connections section of the MySQL MANAGEMENT tab. (Bug #16675975, Bug #68978)

  • The Select All and Unselect All (database) commands were added to the Synchronize Model context menu. (Bug #14084381)

  • A Functions section was added to the SCHEMAS viewer in the Object Browser, to go along with the current Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures sections. (Bug #11763631, Bug #56368)

  • A Truncate Table option was added to the right-click context menu for tables, which complements the current Alter Table and Delete Table options. (Bug #11758513, Bug #50726)

  • Relationship properties can now be edited by double-clicking the relationship in an EER diagram. (Bug #11758318, Bug #50506)

  • Table column and relationship defaults may now be configured to default as lowercase, uppercase, or capitalized (for camelCase). The syntax, under Preferences, Model is %table|upper%, %table|lower%, and %table|capitalize%. See the hovering help tool tips for additional information. (Bug #11753021, Bug #44382)

Bugs Fixed

  • Several improvements were made to the Microsoft SQL server migration wizard, which included fixes for unsupported operand types. (Bug #17086889, Bug #69713)

  • If several editor tabs were open, including one or more Table editor tabs (via Create Table or Alter Table), MySQL Workbench would crash when choosing Close all or Close all but this. (Bug #16959525, Bug #69466)

  • Specifying an ip/subnetmask as a host specification would be rejected. For example, "" failed to validate as a host. (Bug #16887657)

  • Dropping a schema that was defined as the default schema would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #16876985, Bug #69337)

  • Executing a query that contained a regular expression would cause MySQL Workbench to crash. (Bug #16775867, Bug #69167)

  • Right clicking a field in the SQL Editor while in grid view would cause MySQL Workbench to freeze. (Bug #16762969, Bug #69139)

  • Forward Engineer failed on the foreign key validation step for tables with cyclical foreign key relationships. An option to disable foreign key checks during INSERT handling was added. (Bug #16719239, Bug #69054)

  • While migrating from a Microsoft SQL Server database, the Datetype2 MSSQL type is now converted to the DATETIME MySQL type. (Bug #16681117, Bug #68790)

  • An older version of the MySQL Client was bundled with MySQL Workbench, and it has since been updated. This caused problems while executing mysqldump. (Bug #16575396, Bug #16668532, Bug #16307109, Bug #68683, Bug #68779, Bug #68328)

  • On Microsoft Windows, migrating an SQL Server database that contained a lot of columns (100+) would sometimes fail to migrate. The problem involved how wbcopytables.exe uses temporary files to store table names and column information. (Bug #16538786, Bug #68146)

  • Upon synchronization between a model and a database, the database SQL code is no longer displayed when changes are applied to a model or set as ignored. (Bug #16529438, Bug #67692)

  • Statements following a "--" style code comment would not be executed. These comments are now handled properly by MySQL Workbench. (Bug #16492436, Bug #16171620, Bug #15978566, Bug #68674, Bug #67711, Bug #67848)

  • The Slow query log tab was empty when checking against MySQL Server 5.7. (Bug #16478942)

  • If two triggers existed on a table, but only one was modified, the second trigger was removed from the schema after applying the changes. (Bug #16477746, Bug #68651)

  • Using Synchronize with Any source would not display all available schemas for the source connection. (Bug #16471554, Bug #67887)

  • When configured to generate a script for data copying on the Data Transfer Setup page in the Database Migration wizard, the Truncate target tables... and the Enable debug output... options were not generating commands for this script. (Bug #16464193)

  • On Microsoft Windows, scripts generated for wbcopytables.exe would not escape parameter values that contained spaces or semi-colons. (Bug #16463467)

  • Executing a very large statement could produce generic GDI+ errors, and replace the process list with a large red X. (Bug #16453590)

  • While copying tables, the Database Migration wizard would create temporary files in the current directory upon execution. This would sometimes lead to permission errors, so the system's temporary folder is now used. (Bug #16447313)

  • The Manual Editing step of a Database Migration would display all columns, but will now only show the columns that were selected for migration. (Bug #16446660)

  • Edit, Format, Beautify Query would remove the ROLLUP keyword. (Bug #16435852)

  • Changes to a trigger are lost after editing a file from an older version of MySQL Workbench that contains the trigger. (Bug #16433014, Bug #66572)

  • On Linux, MySQL Workbench would crash after deleting a database schema from a model. (Bug #16353605, Bug #68402)

  • The Server Administration, Configuration, Options File editor would sometimes fail to display the options. (Bug #16346058, Bug #68398)

  • Edit Table Data was removed from the table context menu, and the table name was added as the title for the Select Rows - Limit 1000 context menu option that can be used to edit table data. (Bug #16346058, Bug #68398)

  • Comments added to primary keys were not saved. (Bug #16329439)

  • When synchronizing a model with columns with default values of NULL, MySQL Workbench would always treat these columns as having changed. (Bug #16325636, Bug #68369)

  • Selecting and then dropping multiple objects from the SQL editor would cause MySQL Workbench to delete the objects, and then crash. (Bug #16311466, Bug #68337)

  • Adding a new connection using the Manage Stored Connection option in the Synchronize Model dialog would not save the connection after MySQL Workbench was closed. (Bug #16292166, Bug #68294)

  • After dropping a database that is defined as the default schema and then clicking Create a new table, the New table tab would display the "default schema" in the "schema:" field. (Bug #16284582)

  • The -upgrade-mysql-dbs command line option was missing from -help. (Bug #16278270)

  • Clicking Cancel after loading Plugins, Utilities, Change the Storage Engine of All Tables would generate an error. (Bug #16248101, Bug #68232)

  • Datetime with fractional seconds is now supported. Before, MySQL Workbench would convert DATETIME(n) (where "n" is an integer) to DATETIME. This fix also applies to TIMESTAMP(n).

    Note that this option requires the default target MySQL Server version set to "5.6", which is set with the Model, Model Options preference. (Bug #16239203, Bug #68191)

  • A database with a name that contained an underscore could not be assigned schema privileges using the provided database list in the Server Administrator, as the database name was not escaped properly. (Bug #16227715, Bug #68175)

  • Default values for DECIMAL column definitions would not be preserved during synchronization. (Bug #16171808, Bug #67502)

  • Running Database, Reverse Engineer on an EER Model diagram would cause the canvas to not draw properly until the diagram was dragged. (Bug #16171635, Bug #67440)

  • While editing a schema comment, the cursor would jump to the end of the comment after the cursor was moved, thus making it impossible to edit previous comments. (Bug #16104719, Bug #67843)

  • The Action Output window would not refresh when the Text Output window was not active. (Bug #16063275, Bug #67419)

  • Opening a stored procedure or function for editing in a Model, editing it, and then closing the tab, would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #16058044, Bug #67995)

  • Extra whitespace would sometimes be present between the Migrate Table Objects and Migrate View Objects sections of the Source Objects step in the migration wizard. (Bug #14808352, Bug #67188)

  • A Database Migration from SQL Server to MySQL could fail if a SQL Server data type was a FLOAT(n). (Bug #14761954, Bug #67234)

  • MySQL Workbench could crash after modifying a functioning SSH key-based authenticated stored connection with incorrect credentials. (Bug #14701987, Bug #65672)

  • Clicking Cancel after loading Alter Table, Partition would duplicate the partition on the screen once for every time Cancel was clicked. (Bug #14571162, Bug #66615)

  • The right-click context menu was not available while text was highlighted in the SQL editor. (Bug #14568049, Bug #66613)

  • When migration SQL Server to MySQL, CHAR/VARCHAR/TEXT fields containing international text failed to transfer. These fields are now converted to NCHAR/NVARCHAR/NTEXT. (Bug #14534789, Bug #66516)

  • MySQL Workbench will now check if collation and charset are compatible, and in the case of generated SQL, the charset will be ignored if they are incompatible. (Bug #14278043, Bug #65764)

  • A connection could fail to connect prematurely and would report "Connection canceled" despite Test Connection reporting a valid connection. (Bug #13972036, Bug #64003)

  • A trigger meant to insert connections on an n-n relationship failed on INSERT due to a wrong insert order produced during the Forward Engineering step.

    A workaround was to forward engineer the database with the Skip Foreign Key creation and Skip FK Indexes options enabled while executing Synchronize Model. (Bug #13790046, Bug #61594)

  • With a Model project open, MySQL Workbench would crash after Edit, Find, Find Advanced was either clicked or after the associated keyboard shortcut (Control + Alt + F ) was pressed. (Bug #12565875, Bug #61214)

  • The Alter Table... option did not function on tables with triggers. This was resolved by correctly escaping the data returned by the MySQL Server when retrieving the triggers. (Bug #12546727, Bug #61110)

  • Deselected table objects were still evaluated when executing the EER Model From Existing Database wizard on a database with triggers. (Bug #11765398, Bug #58362)

  • Window placement improvements were made for using MySQL Workbench with lower screen resolutions than the minimum screen resolution requirement of 1024x768. (Bug #11764019, Bug #56802)

  • The image data viewer tab in the BLOB image viewer would not have a horizontal tab when the image was larger than the image viewing area. (Bug #11764016, Bug #56797)

  • The length of a primary key index could not be set when the primary key contained a text field. (Bug #11763301, Bug #55997)

  • MySQL Workbench suffered from slow performance when selecting a large amount of data, such as 100,000+ rows. (Bug #11762734, Bug #16507740, Bug #55364)

  • When Synchronize Model the feature was used to generate SQL to modify an existing database, it would lose the UNSIGNED attribute while executing the synchronization. (Bug #11760008, Bug #52373)

  • Clicking on a table cell and pressing F2 will now select (highlight) the cell contents for editing. Before, the cursor would be placed at the end of the cell. (Bug #11759671, Bug #52001)

  • It was not possible to force synchronization of a schema with another schema that had a different name. The new Override Target option allows this, and is available during the Select Schemata stage of the synchronization wizard.

    Note: you must click Override Target to set the override before clicking Continue. (Bug #11754001, Bug #45533)