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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.4 (2013-07-24)

This is the third public beta release of 6.0. It is meant for testing purposes, and should not be used in a production environment.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • The Print to PDF... and Print to PS... menu items were merged into a single Print to File... menu item. This new menu item also now allows diagrams to be selected (or deselected). (Bug #17069956, Bug #69176)

  • MySQL Workbench will now detect file edit changes in the SQL editor. For example, you may now open an SQL file in MySQL Workbench, edit the same file in another text editor, and MySQL Workbench will detect the changes and update accordingly. (Bug #16744919, Bug #68950)

  • It is now possible to manually specify referenced tables and columns to alter forward engineering behavior. A stub table is created for this, which is not forward engineered. (Bug #14134769, Bug #61440)

  • The tab navigation feature now includes wrapping. Pressing Control + Tab (forward) with the last tab active will move to the first tab, and pressing Control + Shift + Tab (backward) with the first tab active will move to the last tab. (Bug #14096668, Bug #65354)

  • As requested, MySQL Workbench can be opened from Visual Studio (or most any application) as an external tool. The --query command line option accepts connection information, see --help for additional options. (Bug #14079584, Bug #65261)

  • Columns for the Foreign Key definition are now reordered to match that of the index they are associated with. (Bug #13344743, Bug #62930)

  • A sub-menu in the Query menu was added to change the row count limit.

    A workaround was to click the toolbar button "Toggle limitation of records number" in the results grid pane to set or unset the limit for a specific result set. (Bug #11763098, Bug #55765)

  • A page header and footer was added to the Print to File... output.

    A workaround option was to add a text field to the document and add your information there. (Bug #11762619, Bug #55233)

  • Support for opening SQL (*.sql and *.dbquery) files from the command line option was added.

    If only a .sql file is passed in, then a connection dialog will be opened so that a MySQL connection can be chosen. If the -query $connection option is also passed in, then the file will be opened using that MySQL connection. (Bug #11752504, Bug #43721)

Bugs Fixed

  • The Schema Transfer wizard text was difficult to read. (Bug #17163820, Bug #69747)

  • In the Model view, the "Accordion" style tabs would disallow scrolling when multiple tabs were open. For example, Physical Schemas would not scroll down to other options like Model Notes. (Bug #17154650, Bug #69635)

  • The Schema Privileges page was updated. Schema privileges can now only be added to the previously selected user/host pair. (Bug #17088972, Bug #68059)

  • Forward Engineer SQL Script would not create View definitions in the generated SQL script when Omit Schema Qualifier in Object Names was set, the resulting SQL script only contained definitions for the table. (Bug #17066617, Bug #69686)

  • It was not possible to execute statements with the PROCEDURE ANALYSE statement.

    A workaround was to remove the generated LIMIT clause. (Bug #17066330, Bug #69687)

  • The innodb_file_format_check option was set as a String in the MySQL Workbench GUI, but it is now set with a (Boolean) check box. (Bug #17057975, Bug #69672)

  • Reverse Engineer Selected Schemata could fail while migrating PostgreSQL 9.0.x, because MySQL Workbench assumed the pg_catalog.pg_enum table had the enumsortorder column in version 9.0.x, when it was added in 9.1.

    A workaround is to edit, as suggested in the bug report. (Bug #17056367, Bug #68997)

  • The Schema Privileges tab would not remove a user's schema privileges after pressing Delete. Only the Add and Modify operations functioned. (Bug #17050803, Bug #69660)

  • Horizontal scroll bars are now present on all text boxes. Sometimes the horizontal scrollbar would not be displayed until the cursor was moved past the edge of the text box using the keyboard. (Bug #17050483, Bug #66747)

  • Detection of compatible indexes was updated to accept any index with the correct columns at the right position. The ordering of the FK columns is automatically updated to match the index columns. (Bug #17043125)

  • Executing Synchronize Model on databases with foreign keys could generate "Error 1822" failures. Foreign key index dependencies are now respected, in addition to any other ordering that is being done. (Bug #17037751, Bug #69508)

  • A new preference was added to toggle casing for the generated keywords in the auto completion list. Edit, Preferences, SQL Editor TAB, Use uppercase keyboards on completion. (Bug #17033597, Bug #69621)

  • On Microsoft Windows, executing a query using the Control + Enter shortcut would cause the cursor focus to be lost. (Bug #16983168, Bug #69505)

  • The height of the SQL editor text pane would revert to the default height after executing a query. The customized height is now preserved. (Bug #16979473, Bug #69504)

  • On OS X, executing Apply SQL Script to Database could overflow the window if too many errors were generated. These errors are now logged in the Action Log pane. (Bug #16970560, Bug #69483)

  • Clicking "Alter Table" from the schema tables list and changing the engine from the engine drop down would not alter the database after pressing Apply. (Bug #16933119, Bug #69433)

  • Connection handling was refactored. All defined connections are now listed, when before only "stored" connections were shown. Additionally, the last used connection is now highlighted by default.

    This also solves a problem where the connection manager window could crash when it was closed. (Bug #16869457, Bug #69329)

  • Under Server Administration, Users and Privileges, clicking Add Account after sorting the list by User would load the details of an existing user. (Bug #16828217, Bug #69267)

  • On Microsoft Windows, only the size would be saved when attempting to save a size and name for a new diagram. (Bug #16793626, Bug #69182)

  • On OS X, opening the context menu for a table in the expanded tables list in the schemata explorer after running a query against the schema (before it was expanded in the schemata explorer) would cause MySQL Workbench to freeze. (Bug #16788873, Bug #69188)

  • The tables drop down was not sorted alphabetically in the schema explorer if a SELECT query was executed on a schema before viewing the tables. (Bug #16784484, Bug #69178)

  • A table's current information was not always reflected in the Information panel for the SQL editors, even after clicking Refresh All. (Bug #16708902, Bug #68988)

  • Control + PageDown and Control + PageUp now switch between open SQL Editor connections. (Bug #16687676, Bug #68968)

  • An option to edit a table's KEY_BLOCK_SIZE information was added to the Options tab, to go along with the current Row Format option. (Bug #16588233, Bug #68422)

  • The File/Open SQL Script dialog now defaults to the last used folder during the session. (Bug #16581302, Bug #68822)

  • Colons are now enclosed with brackets and recognized as a valid IPV6 hostname when using the Setup New Connection dialog. (Bug #16422401, Bug #68536)

  • Executing a Reverse engineer did not refresh the MySQL Model tab. It is now updated automatically. (Bug #16285313)

  • The Revert option not working for views/routines. (Bug #16284542)

  • A new option to reset all connection passwords was added. It is under Open Connection, Server, Reset saved passwords for connection. (Bug #16284321)

  • The Refresh data from data source option failed to function with local changes present. A dialog was added to either apply or cancel the local changes before performing the refresh. (Bug #16104127, Bug #68030)

  • An option to Select All schemata was added to the migration wizard. An option to Unselect All already existed. (Bug #16065000, Bug #68017)

  • With zoom at 100%, the letter "d" looked like a "c" in a table relationship tooltip. (Bug #14835312, Bug #67420)

  • The Catalog Diff Report for an EER Diagram could generate a list of differences, but without any actual differences. (Bug #14829528, Bug #67209)

  • After synchronizing with a data source by defining the source and destination databases, the previously selected stored connections would sometimes be incorrect. (Bug #14807904, Bug #67111)

  • While editing a Model Overview, executing undo (Control + Z) could undo text in the Trigger window beyond the point that another table was clicked, eventually removing all text in the trigger tab. The trigger information is now respected between tables. (Bug #14800878, Bug #66867)

  • The Filter field in the query tab would ignore the last character. (Bug #14636440, Bug #66844)

  • Refreshing filtered results could fill the table with data, without first applying the filter. (Bug #14498414, Bug #66009)

  • Scrolling around an EER diagram could sometimes cause glitches, by adding misplaced pixels along the borders. (Bug #14498256, Bug #65969)

  • After reading large EER model, and immediately loading another EER model, sometimes MySQL Workbench would crash. (Bug #13923093, Bug #17024905)

  • When defining a user defined data type, the available options did not include the specification of a charset, especially useful for the TEXT data type. The inclusion of the new Table template functionality fixes this issue. (Bug #13500224, Bug #63728)

  • Sometimes the MySQL Workbench GUI would not scale down to allow access to some of the buttons. All buttons are now displayed when using the minimal (or greater) required resolution of 1024x768. (Bug #12756582, Bug #61608)

  • When moving a column in a table either up or down by means of the context menu, the focus would not remain with the column being moved. Now, when moving a selected column of a table, the focus remains with the re-positioned column. (Bug #11763633, Bug #56371)

  • A Rename Diagram... context menu item was added for diagrams in the Model Overview. (Bug #11762737, Bug #55367)

  • The User Accounts panel is now resizable so that the user and from host columns can both fit without scrolling. (Bug #11757906, Bug #50023)

  • On Linux, the green lightening bolt icon in the schema editor did not function. It was replaced by a "Refactor Schema" button. (Bug #11757390, Bug #49430)

  • Changing the INTEGER data type to VARCHAR would leave the "AI" (AUTO_INCREMENT) attribute checked. (Bug #11755581, Bug #47379)

  • Textual UI inconsistencies were fixed, such as changing the name "Window" to "Tab" when referring to a new tab. (Bug #11753870, Bug #45389)

  • MySQL Workbench would allow the creation of a FULLTEXT index on tables using an engine that did not support FULLTEXT. Validation now catches invalid index type/engine type combinations. (Bug #11747352, Bug #31939)

  • Validation and forward engineering did not check engine dependencies when the index type was changed. (Bug #11747351, Bug #31938)