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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.7 (2013-09-03, General Availability)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 6.0.6.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new option was added in the connection settings "Advanced" tab for toggling the secure_auth (useLegacyAuth) option, to optionally connect to legacy systems. (Bug #17313129, Bug #70023)

Bugs Fixed

  • On OS X, MySQL Workbench would not start due to a missing libmysqlclient.18.dylib dependency. (Bug #17402670, Bug #70229)

  • On Linux, font type and font size preference changes were not always preserved. (Bug #17382557, Bug #69691)

  • Attempts to copy fields between two diagrams in the Diagram Editor failed. (Bug #17381018, Bug #70072)

  • Entering a wrong password while attempting to unlock the Audit Log would generate an unhandled exception. (Bug #17376518)

  • When right-clicking on a database's function via a server connection through a SSH tunnel, MySQL Workbench would crash if the function definition lacked a comment. (Bug #17353664, Bug #70016)

  • Changing Target MySQL Version to 5.6 on an older Model will now allow configurable date related values, such as DATETIME(6), TIMESTAMP(6), and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP(6). (Bug #17350288, Bug #70125)

  • On Linux, the list of local IPs is no longer retrieved with the deprecated ifconfig command. A list of standard localhost IPs is used instead. (Bug #17348054, Bug #70118)

  • Under certain conditions, the Database, Manage Connections, Duplicate action failed to function. Such as, if a connection with No Remote Admin was enabled. (Bug #17345754, Bug #70097)

  • Toggling the Selection Database Objects to Import option for the Data Import/Restore options would throw an unhandled exception. (Bug #17338687, Bug #70089)

  • Under certain circumstances, the Stored Connections listing was empty. (Bug #17324160, Bug #70022)

  • With Enterprise Audit, it would report that auditing was enabled when pressing Enable Audit for a MySQL Server that was not running. (Bug #17317526)

  • On Microsoft Windows and with lower_case_table_names set to "1", attempting to create a schema name with only question marks ("???") using the Create New Schema action item would emit an error. (Bug #17314386, Bug #70040)

  • On Microsoft Windows, a MySQL Enterprise Backup job with a space in the profile name was not scheduled in the Windows Task Scheduler. Also, validation was added for invalid characters. (Bug #17314101)

  • On OS X, the SQL File tabs would not display the file names, and would instead display generic names like "SQL File 1". (Bug #17313835, Bug #70031)

  • The full and partial backup labels were updated, to be less confusing. (Bug #17313567)

  • With Enterprise Audit, the Delete Cache would sometimes fail and generate an error. (Bug #17300071)

  • The MySQL Enterprise Backup UI was updated to clarify when a backup is full or partial, and when a partial backup is full or incremental. (Bug #17299838)

  • The Browse Audit Log File feature would not always locate the Audit Log File. (Bug #17299818)

  • On Linux, MySQL Workbench 5.2 packages would not upgrade to MySQL Workbench 6.0. It was required to manually uninstall MySQL Workbench 5.2 first. (Bug #17291904)

  • On Oracle Linux, the built packages were missing a dependency. (Bug #17291888)

  • Privileges that do not have a corresponding user entry will now be displayed in MySQL Workbench, so that they can be properly deleted by the user. This includes the "test" database. (Bug #17278181, Bug #69934)