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Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.0.8 (2013-11-07, General Availability)

This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied to MySQL Workbench since the release of MySQL Workbench 6.0.7.

Functionality Added or Changed

  • A new MySQL Workbench preference (Preferences, SQL Editor) was added that sets the default comment type that is generated in the SQL Editor when clicking the "add comment" key combination. It can be either "--" (default) or "#". (Bug #16679373, Bug #68708)

Bugs Fixed

  • When creating a table on a model diagram, an unhandled NULL reference exception was thrown when a second layer was drawn under some tables. (Bug #17561185, Bug #70518)

  • When forward engineering an SQL CREATE script, checking the Omit Schema Qualifier preference would correctly remove the schema name from the CREATE statements, but it incorrectly left the schema name on the GRANT statements.

    Command sequence: File, Export, Forward engineer SQL CREATE script. (Bug #17516695, Bug #70438)

  • On Microsoft Windows 7, under some circumstances MySQL Workbench would not connect to a MySQL server on a RHEL 5 host. (Bug #17516617)

  • Restoring an incremental backup from a remote MySQL server would emit an unexpected error that referred to the WbAdminControl object. (Bug #17516320)

  • On Microsoft Windows, having an empty SQL file saved in the AppData path would cause MySQL Workbench to not start.

    A workaround was to delete the empty SQL file before starting MySQL Workbench. (Bug #17512088, Bug #70262)

  • On Linux, the Action Output would not auto scroll to place the latest action (executed SQL statement) in view. (Bug #17512005, Bug #70421)

  • With Use most recent backup checked, an incremental backup made after another incremental backup would not be restored if the previous incremental backup failed. (Bug #17509626)

  • On Microsoft Windows, after executing Search Table Data and viewing the results, right-clicking on a row and choosing Copy Query for Matches from the context menu would crash MySQL Workbench. (Bug #17506404, Bug #70411)

  • Executing Forward Engineer the Model to the local DB would generate an unexpected error. (Bug #17496362)

  • In the data result grid, selecting multiple fields and choosing Set Field(s) not Null from the context-menu would not alter the data. (Bug #17495179, Bug #70381)

  • An empty SQL script file could not be saved from within MySQL Workbench, and attempting this action would generate an unexpected error. (Bug #17468833, Bug #70365)

  • The Forward Engineer - SQL Create Script wizard would generate the LOCK TABLES privilege at the table level, instead of the database level. (Bug #17468314, Bug #70310)

  • An unhandled exception would be thrown if the audit.log file was missing. (Bug #17452099, Bug #70323)

  • Data Import/Export for self-contained data will now only select *.sql files by default, and if an extension is not defined during an export, the extension will be set to .sql. (Bug #17449969, Bug #69069)

  • When exporting a model with multiple routines as an SQL Script, under some circumstances a deliminator was missing after a routine in the generated SQL. (Bug #17448702, Bug #70313)

  • Backup operations now use the SOCKET protocol on Linux to make connections, and on Windows it uses TCP (if networking is enabled), as otherwise PIPE is used. (Bug #17440001, Bug #70295)

  • MySQL Workbench now uses the --defaults-file option when executing mysqlbackup. (Bug #17439084, Bug #70293)

  • On Linux, improvements were made to the check that tested if the backup directory was writable. This check now uses the Linux test command, instead of a temporary file creation/deletion. (Bug #17439061, Bug #70292)

  • On OS X, opening a new model and pressing the "Add EER Diagram" button from the toolbar would crash MySQL Workbench.

    A workaround was to click "Add EER Diagram" from the navigation or context menus. (Bug #17437387, Bug #70284)

  • The script was removed from the MySQL Workbench source download, as it referred to (and required) fetching documentation from internal URLs. (Bug #17435353, Bug #70279)

  • Clicking Alter Table on a table with multiple triggers would sometimes generate an error. Trigger handling was improved to avoid such errors. (Bug #17432083, Bug #70244)

  • Scrolling down an SQL file and executing a statement (Control + Enter) would scroll the window back to the top. The cursor now remains, even when the window is resized. (Bug #17399972, Bug #15837541, Bug #70221, Bug #67465)

  • Double-clicking on an Audit Log File row would generate an unexpected error. (Bug #17376494)

  • Viewing the Client Connection could generate an unhandled exception if a connection had a very large connection time. (Bug #17375435, Bug #70174)

  • Clicking Online Backup after deleting the configured MySQL Enterprise Backup directory (such as C:\MySQLBackupHome) would throw an unhandled exception.

    Validation was added, a profile status icon was added to the backup screen, and MySQL Workbench now redirects to the Settings page instead of emitting an error. (Bug #17375285)

  • While migrating a Microsoft SQL Server database to MySQL, database names with periods failed, and now the periods are replaced with underscores. For example, "" will become "foo_bar". (Bug #17370098, Bug #70170)

  • After selecting a table in the Catalog tab of the Catalog Tree pane, choosing Insert new row from the Edit Table... context menu would emit an unexpected error. (Bug #17357020, Bug #70140)

  • After editing a trigger in the model tab, switching tabs (such as loading a connection or SQL editor tab) would cause the new trigger edits to disappear. (Bug #17348212, Bug #70122)

  • On Microsoft Windows, the mouse pointer inside an SQL Editor tab would rapidly change from pointer to cursor when the mouse was moved, thus creating a repeatedly flashing event. (Bug #17347406, Bug #70119)

  • Open query tabs were not persistent (reopened) after reopening MySQL Workbench. (Bug #17341182, Bug #17456474, Bug #17314977, Bug #70107, Bug #70325, Bug #70035)

  • On OS X, the full field names in the Performance tab of the Option Files navigator page would not be fully visible. (Bug #17323870, Bug #70057)

  • Stored routine groups could not be updated via the group editor in the EER diagram.

    A workaround is to use individual routine group editors for each routine, by dragging the routine objects into the members list of the routine group editor to group them. (Bug #17323855, Bug #70059)

  • In the commercial edition of MySQL Workbench, the "MySQL Utilities" download button linked to the community version of MySQL utilities. It now links to the appropriate edition. (Bug #17316512, Bug #70049)

  • On OS X, clicking Get Timestamp Ranges after selecting the available current filename from the Audit Plugin would throw an unhandled exception. (Bug #17300059)

  • The Run, Script File sequence did not function. (Bug #17299680)

  • I/O writes were reduced, which was especially a problem visible when closing MySQL Workbench with tables that had over 500 columns. (Bug #17283888, Bug #68276)

  • The EER Diagram did not support some Chinese characters. (Bug #17275879, Bug #69933)

  • Having a !include in the MySQL configuration file would cause MySQL Workbench to crash at startup. (Bug #17271775)

  • The Close Other Tabs context-menu option did not close Table Editor tabs. (Bug #17235359, Bug #69850)

  • The innodb_buffer_pool_size and innodb_buffer_pool_instances configuration parameters were duplicated in the Options File (formerly the Server Administration) tab. They were listed in both the Buffer Pool and Memory" groups.

    Also, using MySQL Workbench to change these settings would generate a change that also altered whitespace in the MySQL configuration file. (Bug #16915510, Bug #69406)

  • Migrating a Microsoft Access database would crash at the Reverse Engineer Selected Schemata step. MySQL Workbench does not support the migration of Microsoft Access, so the migration wizard will now display an error (and halt operation) when attempting to migrate an unsupported database. (Bug #16529142, Bug #67584)

  • After adjusting the width of the Id or Time columns in the connection listing, the integer value was cut off without indication. The value is now shown, or an ellipses (...) is appended. (Bug #16464457, Bug #68593)

  • The Workbench Bug Reporter failed to log in to report a bug, even when using valid credentials. This bug reporting functionality was removed from MySQL Workbench. (Bug #16056820, Bug #14520752, Bug #67990, Bug #66343)

  • On Linux, WM_WINDOW_ROLE property is now properly set for all MySQL Workbench windows. (Bug #14171771, Bug #65537)

  • The Check for Updates, Submit a Bug Report, and Discuss a Topic MySQL Workbench buttons are now underlined when the mouse cursor hovers over them. (Bug #11758492, Bug #50704)